‘Save on Azure’ First Consulting Worth $1500 at No-cost

Reducing your Azure cloud consumption by up to 40%.

reduce it costs upto 40% with cloud optimization services

Azure Cloud Optimization Services

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Azure Cloud Optimization Services helps in cloud environment evaluation, analyzing security gaps, reducing costs and increasing ROI, optimization of cloud architecture and improving availability. Avoid over-provisioning and pay for what you use.



As a Microsoft Azure cloud partner, Embee is committed to helping you make most out of your Azure investment while helping you drive undisrupted work continuity, reduce IT costs, faster go to market, or other desired business outcomes, along with:

  • Cloud Optimization for cost reduction on Azure billing– With Embee being a preferred technology partner for cloud optimization and cost savings, we can help you achieve up to 40% cost reduction without changing BOM or impacting your cloud performance.
  • Free Consultancy– Free Azure Consulting to mitigate security risks, reduce migration risks, faster deployment, and better user experience.

Avail our optimization services to reduce your spend and monetize your Azure investment like never!


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