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Embee's IT Solutions for BFSI Industry

Embee works with financial service providers that are looking to lead the way in leveraging technology to become increasingly customer centric and stay nimble. We help you build more relevant business models, secure your enterprise and create a platform of rich innovation.


Data Integrity Solution

Customer data has always been the cornerstone of creating critical decisions in the dimension of financial services. With access to extremely sensitive customer and transactional data, it is crucial to put in place the most Stright policy and technology frameworks to secure data. The industry is also densely regulated and prevention of any data leakage, managing access rights and authentication of employees (and customers) is analytical. A well thought through and scalable technology solution can help you secure your organization.


Security solution

From small-time fraud involving individual credit card data to phishing attacks and the more recent larger network-based attacks that put entire systems at risk, security has become a major concern. Keeping data secure has become a challenge that you need to address.

Embee can help you with avoiding data breaches, securing mobile devices, crafting the perfect rights management solution, ensuring that your banking and finance Infrastructure is equipped with the right firewalls, gateways and much


Cloud Solution

Financial service providers today are striving for a share of the pie with digital disruptors and creators. The key to staying agile and quick is to take advantage of a platform that is scalable and flexible, yet strong and protected. A cloud solution to storing data and providing many services could be the answer. It also helps in developing products quicker to meet customer demand as well as providing an extra layer of security when it comes to data security and disaster recovery.

With hybrid or multi-cloud deployments can offer a great deal of flexibility, it allows the workload to be shifted seamlessly across private and public infrastructures. Embee can help you with a hybrid cloud solution that allows you to collect data on the cloud, while keeping data that you need today, on premises.


Managed Service Solution

Embee recognizes the requirement for technology to run efficiently in the banking and finance sectors. That is why our Managed IT Solutions are designed specifically to the unique needs and budgets of the BSFI sector.

Our experts will help you maintain seamless data, cloud, voice, and infrastructure solutions that grow and adapt as rapidly as your student population. We estimate your banking and finance service needs. We collaborate with departments of all sizes to meet their primary goals, providing a solid technological foundation.


Mobility Solution

The global economy drives on the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector. As technology advances, we witness a change in basic assumptions from physical visits to online transactions in this sector. In contemporary times, the transformation of digital transactions into more sophisticated and convenient mobile-based settlements has become inevitable. And this need can be fulfilled by enterprise mobility.

Embee provides a secure enterprise mobility solution, this can help your organization with enabling the business to integrate and deliver new and innovative business services more quickly.

Embee's approach to assess, implement, integrate & manage IT Solutions

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A comprehensive assessment of the current state of the client, understand their desired state and providing a roadmap to breakdown departmental silos.

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An easy to adopt design for highlighting the key performance indicators to plan, monitor, analyse & manage business performance.

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Implementation of solutions on time and within budget by our expert solution architects.

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We train, onboard, and offer post-launch support to your teams for better management and productivity.

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Building new capabilities to unlock new technical skills and expand business capabilities.

Making people operations more meaningful with Octane HRMS

Built to be flexible, Octane HRMS offers the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and customizable employee self-service HR management capabilities at budget-saving prices.

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Data Polaris helps in deploying technologies for efficient delivery processes, better utilization of resources, and optimization to scale performance.

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Microsoft endorses Embee for the following Advanced Specializations

Windows Virtual

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Windows Server and SQL
Server Migration to
Microsoft Azure

Linux and Open Source
Database Migration to
Microsoft Azure

Identity and Access

Adoption and Change


Anil M Nimbargi,

Sr. VP and CIO,

“I would like to Thank you for your support and help in enabling the Order Tracking for our Customers’ reporting system which eliminated the need of manual intervention. The reports are now available on the go resulting in increased efficiency. You have behaved like a true extension of our team with a shared vision of driving business growth, enabling innovation, and process automation.”

Straight from Embee’s Think Tank


The Biggest Security Threats Affecting BFSI Organizations in 2020

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Transformative Role of Automation in Banking and Finance in 2019

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6 Reasons to Invest in IT Security

Global organizations spent approximately $124 billion on Security Solutions in 2019, an increase of 146% from 2010. However, in-spite of such high investment, 9 out of 10 large global businesses have admitted to having suffered some kind of security breach in 2019 alone.

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Trusted by Clients and Industry Experts Alike


Embee Implemented SAP Business One for a leading footwear distributor for real-time stock visibility and inventory management

Our customer started its shoe distribution journey in 1956 to provide highest quality of footwear at affordable prices.

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Embee Implements M365 for Venus Remedies, Boosts Collaboration for the Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Venus Remedies is pioneering the science by our R&D capabilities, experience, and innovation programme to accomplish human cure & remedies.

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Embee Empowers World’s Top Educational Services Provider with Cloud Powered Smart Classroom Solution, Digitizes Classrooms for a Better Education Experience

Institutions are required to keep up with the transformation of the classroom and leverage modern technology and interactive content to improve the learning experience.

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