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Embee offers a complete suite of technology and service solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the logistics industry to maximize profitability and efficiency.

Embee’s IT Solutions for Logistics Industry

Embee is a leading provider of enterprise level IT solutions for the logistics industry. Our process optimization, resource allocation and production decision support solutions help our customers maximize performance by keeping all aspects of the business in sync.


Hybrid Cloud

Technology has opened a whole new world for the logistics industry. Through smart phones, Bluetooth, RFID, wearables, and other Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, granular information is now available in real time. Putting it together to give you a comprehensive picture to manage your business requires a smart cloud system. This data can be used to not only track status of activity and process flow, but also proactively predict problems before they occur and improve operations.

A hybrid cloud solution can enable you to keep archived data and corporate services on the cloud, while retaining core applications on-premises. Our cloud solution includes built-in machine learning and predictive analytics to help you make smarter decisions and seamlessly create a digital enterprise for your company.


Data Analytics

It’s time to take your operations to the next level and be smarter and more efficient. Through smart transportation management systems, automation, the cloud, and simplified tracking the opportunity is immense. With our data analytics solutions for logistics you have the power of being informed, making critical decisions to optimize, scale, and deliver better service levels to your customers.

Modernizing applications and connecting data can improve a manufacturer’s ability to quickly respond to rapidly changing trends and understand what markets, products, and services they ought to experiment with. It also helps in developing targeted, but radical, solutions to address existing customer and market needs.


Communication & Collaboration

Get a productive, secure, and efficient modern workplace with Microsoft and productivity solutions offered by Embee. You can choose from a wide range of customized communications and productivity solutions for your business that will bring flexibility and efficiency to your work processes.

We offer the right solutions for the logistics industry to help your business grow. With visibility, transparency, and easy-to-access information at your fingertips, you can make better decisions easily.


Managed Services

Poor IT leads to inefficiencies, increased costs, and risks. With IT Solutions for Logistics Industry by Embee you’ll have the right technology at your fingertips so you can optimize every aspect of your business for success.

The future belongs to organizations that can build core competencies to transition with low efforts, stay resilient and innovate on the go. Outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure to an MSP like Embee, can help you to ensure undisrupted growth, enhanced capabilities to innovate and scale while your systems stay protected round the clock from probable threats. 


SAP Business One

The logistics industry has always been a leader when it comes to adopting technology. As technology continues to carve out its role in the global logistics industry, we’re likely to see previously unimagined levels of optimization throughout the supply chain — from manufacturing to warehousing to delivery.

To get a clear picture, you need an easy to use, agile, technology platform like SAP Business One. That’s when the complexity can be managed, and your customers can expect the highest levels of service.

Making better decisions is only possible when you can see the entire picture. To empower employees, they need access to critical data at the right time. Integrating an easy to deploy ERP solution like SAP Business One is the way that most logistics companies are choosing to go. It’s the only way to develop new revenue streams, reduce supply chain costs, accelerate production times, and minimize wastage and re-work. That’s what we call tangible, bottom-line value-add.



Threats advance as security systems do. We help our customer build secure hosting architecture and manage security systems end to end, keeping them updated and protected from potential vulnerabilities.

Designing and Implementing Security architecture with our in-depth understanding of on-premises/cloud/hybrid systems, we help growing enterprises build layered lock down security architecture.

Video based surveillance systems are a great deterrent, as well as a useful fall-back safety system. But it can be so much more. Add in a layer of analytics onto video and your world just opened. You can now proactively make policy decisions on health & safety, receive alerts when it comes to hazardous situations for employees and even drive productivity & utilization decisions through observing trends and patterns.

Embee's approach to assess, implement, integrate & manage IT Solutions

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A comprehensive assessment of the current state of the client, understand their desired state and providing a roadmap to breakdown departmental silos.

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An easy to adopt design for highlighting the key performance indicators to plan, monitor, analyse & manage business performance.

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Implementation of solutions on time and within budget by our expert solution architects.

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We train, onboard, and offer post-launch support to your teams for better management and productivity.

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Building new capabilities to unlock new technical skills and expand business capabilities.

Making people operations more meaningful with Octane HRMS

Built to be flexible, Octane HRMS offers the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and customizable employee self-service HR management capabilities at budget-saving prices.

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Why Choose Embee

Data Polaris helps in deploying technologies for efficient delivery processes, better utilization of resources, and optimization to scale performance.

Making IT Easier

With 30+ years of industry

Customer Centric

1000+ repeat customers with
decades long relationships

We are Growing

Growing at 25% CAGR for last 4 years reaching USD 100M
revenue by FY20.

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With 11 locations around
the country

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500+ successful on-time, on-budget
project implementations in last 3 years

Leading with Digital Transformation

With Deep expertise in Cloud,
Data, and Apps

Microsoft endorses Embee for the following Advanced Specializations

Windows Virtual

Azure on Kubernetes

Windows Server and SQL
Server Migration to
Microsoft Azure

Linux and Open Source
Database Migration to
Microsoft Azure

Identity and Access

Adoption and Change


Anil M Nimbargi,

Sr. VP and CIO,

“I would like to Thank you for your support and help in enabling the Order Tracking for our Customers’ reporting system which eliminated the need of manual intervention. The reports are now available on the go resulting in increased efficiency. You have behaved like a true extension of our team with a shared vision of driving business growth, enabling innovation, and process automation.”

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