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Delivering the Best-in-Class Customer Experience to 30K+ Users – Consistently, Productively, and Profitably with Azure Cloud


Committed to transforming sales, distribution, and service management with technology solutions for some of the blue-chip companies from India and the world, our customer trusts Azure cloud to build scalable, cost-effective, secure, and reliable IT infrastructure empowering more than 30,000 users in 7,000 locations across the globe. our customer...

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Embee upgrades a leading procurement software solution provider’s approval process and optimizes performance using serverless computing


Our customer, one of the world's leading procurement consultants, provides a SaaS-based procurement software to organizations. The approval process, designed with Windows Workflow Foundation and built into the software offering, was one of its key functionalities. However, it was inundated with complexity, errors, and lack of support, which resulted...

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Embee Implements M365 for Venus Remedies, Boosts Collaboration for the Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


About Venus Remedies: Venus Remedies is pioneering the science by our R&D capabilities, experience, and innovation programme to accomplish human cure & remedies. VRL (Venus Remedies Limited) is a research driven Indian Pharmaceutical company with global footprints. Venus Remedies has strong research pipeline products & production capabilities, with 50,000...

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Embee’s Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment Revolutionizes Remote Workforce’s Productivity of Leading Aviation and Hospitality Leader

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

With the pandemic spread of the COVID-19 showing no signs of abating, a lot of organizations have been reaching out to Embee for Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. To tackle the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Embee has empowered quite a few businesses by shifting to a work-from-home model for ensuring...

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Embee Empowers World’s Top Educational Services Provider with Cloud Powered Smart Classroom Solution, Digitizes Classrooms for a Better Education Experience

cloud powered smart classroom solutions powered by Embee

Education sector worldwide is now recognizing that the transformation power of digital and smart classroom solutions is forcing them to rethink their business models to match consumer expectations and competitive pressure. Institutions are required to keep up with the transformation of the classroom and leverage modern technology and interactive...

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Global Manufacturer Achieves Reliable and Fast End-User Availability with Embee’s End-To-End Desktop and Application Virtualization Solution

Desktop and Application Virtualization Solutions

Our customer is a global manufacturer and marketer of valves and steam equipment. In existence for over 3 decades, they are amongst the world’s fastest-growing business groups in the flow control industry. They have a presence in 60 countries with manufacturing locations in 3 continents and employees across the...

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