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Embee enables retailers to boldly operate the new digital age by transforming from traditional efficiency-oriented solutions to business outcome-oriented communications. Our collaborative model helps shape a successful path to business modernization.

Retail Technology Solutions

Your customers today have tremendous options. To truly customize their experiences and meet changing requirements, incorporating technology solutions could truly help. It could offer the edge you need to better understand your customer, provide inventive dealings experiences and streamline your delivery capabilities.


SAP Solutions

Retail fields are more vertically connected than any other field. Effectively managing the supply chain can drive margins significantly. Nowadays, handling a retail business requires so many moving parts, such as a flexible, agile, and reliable back-end system. SAP’s Business One from embee is one of the best platforms for retailers to manage vendors & distributors, streamline inventory, manage back-office functions, and scale quickly.


Data Analytics Solution

Data is the new currency of the digital economy in the retail sector. The crucial role that retails data analytics play in improving the economic performance of this industry is well established. The retail industry is stocked with data from customers and algorithmic computations.

Beyond having compelling products, distributing at the store level is about creating a differentiated offer. Leveraging technology-driven data analytics and business intelligence solutions can allow you to analyze customers to provide them with the right product, modify your prices in real-time, generate customer loyalty, and predict demand.


Collaboration Solution

With the network, retailers can build and develop relationships and set strategic partnerships. The goal of any successful collaboration is that both parties take benefit of the market the other things.

We offer multiple tools and support services designed to help you keep you intricately connected to all your suppliers, allowing you to communicate quickly and effectively and providing your suppliers with the information and training they require to perform to your expectations.


Managed Service Solution

Managing IT infrastructure, software and hardware maintenance and upgrades, handling several things at once involved in running your retail business can slow down your business operations.

Optimize customer experience, cloud consumption, applications, drive innovation, productivity, and team efficiency for your business. Proactively operate your customer data and improve your retail infrastructure with our managed services.


Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is remodeling the whole retail sector in multiple ways, including effective inventory management, data security, excellent user experience, improved profitability, and disaster management.

We offer seamless user experience with reducing infrastructure, storage, and computing costs to facilitate real-time access to operational and inventory data. We enable your business with minimized manual effort and automated application release, microservices, and containers.


Data Security Solutions

In retail, hindering inventory shrinkage and minimizing losses is as necessary as having a high-quality product. Retail security goes beyond the store into the supply chain, distribution centres, and retail, corporate facilities. The right security system can help ensure that your employees are living up to your standards of customer service and can contribute to the overall improvement of the retail experience.

We offer a full range of security solutions to assist retailers in achieving successful business outcomes. We help you manage security systems end to end, keeping them updated and protected from potential vulnerabilities.

Embee's approach to assess, implement, integrate & manage IT Solutions

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A comprehensive assessment of the current state of the client, understand their desired state and providing a roadmap to breakdown departmental silos.

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An easy to adopt design for highlighting the key performance indicators to plan, monitor, analyse & manage business performance.

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Implementation of solutions on time and within budget by our expert solution architects.

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We train, onboard, and offer post-launch support to your teams for better management and productivity.

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Building new capabilities to unlock new technical skills and expand business capabilities.

Making people operations more meaningful with Octane HRMS

Built to be flexible, Octane HRMS offers the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and customizable employee self-service HR management capabilities at budget-saving prices.

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Why Choose Embee

Data Polaris helps in deploying technologies for efficient delivery processes, better utilization of resources, and optimization to scale performance.

Making IT Easier

With 30+ years of industry

Customer Centric

1000+ repeat customers with
decades long relationships

We are Growing

Growing at 25% CAGR for last 4 years reaching USD 100M
revenue by FY20.

Pan-India Network

With 11 locations around
the country

Go-to Implementation Partner

500+ successful on-time, on-budget
project implementations in last 3 years

Leading with Digital Transformation

With Deep expertise in Cloud,
Data, and Apps

Microsoft endorses Embee for the following Advanced Specializations

Windows Virtual

Azure on Kubernetes

Windows Server and SQL
Server Migration to
Microsoft Azure

Linux and Open Source
Database Migration to
Microsoft Azure

Identity and Access

Adoption and Change


Anil M Nimbargi,

Sr. VP and CIO,

“I would like to Thank you for your support and help in enabling the Order Tracking for our Customers’ reporting system which eliminated the need of manual intervention. The reports are now available on the go resulting in increased efficiency. You have behaved like a true extension of our team with a shared vision of driving business growth, enabling innovation, and process automation.”

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Trusted by Clients and Industry Experts Alike


Embee Implemented SAP Business One for a leading footwear distributor for real-time stock visibility and inventory management

Our customer started its shoe distribution journey in 1956 to provide highest quality of footwear at affordable prices.

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Embee Implements M365 for Venus Remedies, Boosts Collaboration for the Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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Embee Empowers World’s Top Educational Services Provider with Cloud Powered Smart Classroom Solution, Digitizes Classrooms for a Better Education Experience

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