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Migrate, modernise, and maximise your cloud and on-premises investments. Get started now with pay-as-you-go pricing. There’s no upfront commitment—cancel anytime. Or try Azure free for up to 30 days.

Our Azure Specializations Include:

  • Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Server & SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure

Unlock your business value with Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud Services


Availing highly-scalable cloud solutions and APIs in minutes.
Embee simplifies management of the new infrastructure and platform with comprehensive Managed Services for Azure, thereby expediting business transformation and enabling innovation.

Avail a free readiness assessment for Cloud Migration and Managed Services

Infrastructure Assessment
Compute, Storage, Network, Hypervisors, Firewalls, Operating Systems,
Kernel version (Linux)
Application Assessment
Technology stack, Software Compliance, Application architecture
Data Assessment
Data Flow, Data structuring, Storage devices, Software Compliance
Security & risk assessment
Firewall rules, Data protection policies, IDS/IPS, Identity and Access management,
Vulnerabilities, Availability, DA/DR, Backup, Logging



You Pay


Get no cost migration to cloud and free Azure credits

Achieve greater flexibility, security, storage, and consistency to meet the needs of your business today and tomorrow with No-Cost Data Center Migration services by Embee.

Assess and Plan
Project Scope Definition, identifying scope of work and deliverables definition, assessment scoping, study the source code, current architecture, database diagram, define migration strategy- rehost / refactor / re-architect / rebuild​, define DevOps, cloud adoption plan.
Design and Organize
Migration roadmap, role based access management​, naming convention for all resources, manage costs & billing center, setting up azure for your workloads, landing zone creation, cloud security and governance, update cloud adoption plan​ and Dev/QA/ testing.
Launching to the cloud
Migration and modernization of workloads in waves and sprints, release for UAT, optimize & promote​, configure cost management​, production release​, documentation, validation and performance testing and knowledge transfer and training.
Innovate your cloud environment
Establish business value consensus, creating a minimum viable product, validation across users & stakeholders, roll-out with our comprehensive cloud adoption framework.



You Pay


Build, Modernize, and Scale with the Cloud Trusted by 95% Fortune 500 Companies

Embee, as one of the most trusted Microsoft partner brings to you an opportunity to avail up to $25,000 in cloud credits to pave a faster, more efficient and secure journey to Azure cloud.

We help you make most out of your Azure investment. Focus on what matters for your business while we take care of your applications and cloud infrastructure.

Get started on your cloud journey with Embee, we offer:

  • Free consultation from cloud experts in designing/architecting a solution to achieve your business goals.
  • Guided consulting on building a proof of concept.
  • One-on-one demos to help you get started with the Azure.
  • Assistance for migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud and optimizing your environment.

Save on Azure’ First Consulting Worth $1500 at No-cost

As a Microsoft Azure cloud partner, Embee is committed to helping you make most out of your Azure investment while helping you drive undisrupted work continuity, reduce IT costs, faster go to market, or other desired business outcomes, along with:

Cloud Optimization for cost reduction on Azure billing

With Embee being a preferred technology partner for cloud optimization and cost savings, we can help you achieve up to 40% cost reduction without changing BOM or impacting your cloud performance.

Free Consultancy– Free Azure Consulting to mitigate security risks, reduce migration risks, faster deployment, and better user experience.

Avail our optimization services to reduce your spend and monetize your Azure investment like never!

How Embee Optimize Your Cloud Structure?


We will audit your existing cloud infrastructure and assess resource utilization patterns, compute, storage, database, network etc., and gather detailed usage reports.


The audit report will contain total spends, optimization opportunities, tailor-made process to fit the client’s requirements. We create a detailed list of recommendations to get better infrastructure utilization with reduced cost.

Review & Approve

We will discuss our report with you and your operations team to receive feedback and in case of any suggestions or additional requirements.

Implementation Phase

The approved changes will be executed within specific timelines. We keep you in loop on what we are doing and how it will affect the performance of the cloud.

Monitoring & Continuous Improvement

Optimizations yield best results by not just implementing best practices but also by constant monitoring of the cloud infrastructure.

Run the show with Embee’s Managed Services

Embee can help you manage your cloud infrastructure across environments through an integrated delivery framework and a proactive service approach.

Self-Managed Infrastructure Vs Embee Managed Infrastructure

Self-Managed Infrastructure Embee Managed Infrastructure
24*7 Support You must hire an internal IT team to handle crisis at any time. 24*7 expert support to take care of any issue you might face.
Monitoring You must set up round-the -clock infrastructure monitoring to detect any threats. We continuously monitor your infra to stop any threat before it can cause problem.
Proactive Response Fix errors manually, respond to any alarms or issue on your own. Our team investigates the issue, find its root cause, and start resolving it quickly.
Patching Manually patch your OS We regularly patch your VM operating system
Backups Maintain backups manually or buy third-party software. Automated backups on custom retention periods.
Configuration Management Maintain your configuration and change control over different resources. Custom configuration management according to your requirements.
Disaster Recovery You must develop your own failover protocol in case of an emergency. We have a team of disaster recovery specialists who take actions on immediate basis.

With your subscription, you get all of this—and you will not be charged until you choose to upgrade.

  • Up to $25,000 cloud credits to explore any Azure service
  • 50 VMs No Cost Migration

Want to build, test, deploy and monitor applications with speed, quality and control?

With Azure DevOps this is possible. Now, develop cloud-native and mobile applications, perform application integration, and modernize and manage multi-cloud without paying a dime.

Azure DevOps Finalist Award Winner, Embee is offering Azure DevOps trial for first month free with up to $1.25 k credits.

Optimize your operations up to 25 users, plan your releases (5 pipelines) and deploy your apps (5 pipelines) with Azure DevOps.

Successful DevOps implementations rely on an integrated set of solutions or a “toolchain” to remove manual steps, reduce errors, increase team agility, and to scale beyond small, isolated teams.

Shorten releases, improve reliability and stay ahead of the competition with Embee’s Azure DevOps services.

Embee Intelligent Cloud Security Solutions keep your workloads, applications, APIs, and users safe

  • Threat Preventaion from email, file transfers and social platforms.
  • Data Governance to controll access to various levels of data and auditing.
  • Data Encryption to protect your data whether at rest, archive, in transit or in the mobile space.
  • instrusion Detection and Prevention to quickly adapt to new threats and malware, while reducing false positives.
  • Firewall Solutions to manage network perimeter, virtual infrastructure, partners, mobile devices and internet facing services.

Get started on your Azure cloud journey with Embee with free POC:

  • Free infrastructure, application, and data assessment.
  • One-on-one demos to help you get started with the Azure.
  • Assistance for migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud and optimizing your environment.

Spend less money and time managing your datacenter

Cloud adoption is gaining speed as businesses want to stay ahead of the competition. 40% of organizations exceed their budget during cloud migration. How will you ensure it doesn’t happen to you?

Embee with our deep Cloud understanding advise you on cloud selection, migration, approach, resource utilization, security, scalability and manageability.

Types of Migrations we do on the Azure Cloud

  • Windows & SQL Migration
  • Linux and Open Source Database Migrations
  • Windows Virtual Desktop

What do we do for you?

  • Scale your apps automatically to optimize costs
  • Use the development environments you prefer
  • Monitor your cloud applications

What do you get?

  • Accelerated deployment of your web and cloud applications
  • Increased application resiliency
  • Comprehensive security and compliance built Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft's CAF-aligned Cloud Migration Framework


Achieve greater flexibility, security, storage and consistency to meet the needs of your business today and tomorrow with No-Cost Data Center Migration services by Embee.


Assess & Plan

Assess, plan, and align actionable cloud adoption processes to business goals & expected outcomes.

  • Project Scope Definition
  • Identifying scope of work and deliverables definition
  • Assessment Scoping
  • Study the source code, current architecture, Database diagram
  • Define Migration strategy- Rehost / Refactor / Re-Architect / Rebuild​
  • Define DevOps
  • Cloud Adoption Plan

Design & Organize - Making you cloud-ready

Prepare, design, and setup the  Cloud environment for the  planned changes.

  • Migration roadmap
  • Role based Access management​
  • Naming convention for all resources
  • Manage costs & billing center
  • Setting up Azure for your workloads ​
  • Landing Zone creation
  • Cloud security and governance
  • Update Cloud adoption plan​
  • Dev/QA/ testing​ and

Launching to the Cloud

Migration that’s quick & error-free, so that customer can focus on their vision, without worrying about the infrastructure.

  • Migration and modernization of workloads in waves and sprints
  • Release for UAT​
  • Optimize & Promote​
  • Configure Cost Management​
  • Production Release​
  • Documentation
  • Validation and performance testing
  • Knowledge transfer and training

Innovate your cloud environment

Building new capabilities to unlock new technical skills and expand business capabilities.

  • Establish business value consensus
  • Creating a Minimum Viable Product
  • Validation across users & stakeholders
  • Roll-out with our comprehensive cloud adoption framework

Did you know?
Linux is the fastest growing platform on Azure

Linux-based images comprise


of Azure Marketplace Images



Microsoft customers deploy Linux workload on Azure

More than


of VM cores runs Linux on Azure

Azure tuned kernals provide


faster network throughput

IaaS and PaaS


Get the infrastructure you need to grow your business with Embee’s IaaS services based on Azure

IaaS quickly scales up and down with demand, letting you pay only for what you use. It helps you avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and other datacentre infrastructure. Some of the common IaaS business scenarios include-

  • Test and development
  • Storage, backup and recovery
  • High-performance computing
  • Big data analysis

Here are the key advantages of IaaS solutions by Embee-

  • Enhance agility and innovation with elastic infrastructure and self-service provisioning that helps increase velocity for developers.
  • Simplify operations by offloading management and maintenance of infrastructure to Azure.
  • Reduce risk by ensuring compliance with regulatory and data sovereignty requirements.
  • Manage costs with a predictable cost model and resource transparency.
  • Increase security by applying policies uniformly, rather than tracking workloads across multiple environments.
  • Reduce the complexity of managing operations on multiple cloud environments.

Transform Your Business With Embee’s PaaS Services Based on Azure

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver everything from simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications. Some of the common PaaS business scenarios include-

  • Development Framework
  • Analytics for Business Intelligence
  • Workflow
  • Directory
  • Security and scheduling

Here are the key advantages of PaaS solutions by Embee-

  • Initiating a proactive, tech-driven environment for your organization.
  • Empowering your workforce to work in new, more efficient ways and building capabilities for the workforce of the future.
  • Giving day-to-day tools and processes a digital upgrade.
  • Future-proof your systems with the highest level of security and infrastructure.

Run Your Windows Server on Azure for Better Compliance & Performance



"of customers report that Microsoft Azure meets their compliance needs "very well".


"of customers believe that Microsoft Azure provides a hybrid cloud environment "extremely well".


"of customers running mixed workloads report that Azure supports their Microsoft workloads "very well".

Tap into the power of the Azure with Embee

rehost-lift-and-shift -icon

Build and Manage Infrastructure

Seamless integration and access of workloads across on-prem and hybrid cloud environments in an agile, secure, and flexible manner ​

  • Virtual Machines ​
  • Storage
  • Active Directory ​
  • BCDR
  • Database-as-a-Service​


Identity-driven security solutions protect users, devices, and data from potential vulnerabilities at every touchpoint, everywhere they work

  • Azure Security Center​ ​
  • SIEM ​
  • SSO with MFA​
  • APT, Email Security​

Develop and Modernize Applications

Give your business apps a facelift for the future with Microservices, Serverless architecture, Containerization, AI & ML​

  • DevOps​ ​
  • API Management
  • Service Fabric ​
  • Containerization
  • Serverless Computing​​

Seamlessly Manage

Enjoy high-availability and scalability for your data with Managed SQL, MySQL, Cosmos DB Data services.​

  • SQL DB​ ​
  • MySQL​
  • SQL Server MI​
  • SQL Data Warehouse
  • Cosmos DB

Benefits from our years of Azure Practice

With industry approved tools and methodologies, seasoned experts who deliver dynamic architecture, robust security, and 24×7×365 support for operations, Embee is strategically positioned to help you make most out of your Cloud investment


Focus where IT matters most

Enabling your Internal IT team to focus on core activities


Maximum uptime guaranteed

With constant support from specialist engineers


Proven expertise

ITSM methodology and global best-practicesd to ensure enhanced business value


Achieve complete control

360° IT compliance support with standard and custom reports


Supporting your bussiness, always

Value-added services like technology forum, focused trainings and more

Why Move to Cloud with Embee?


Embee’s Cloud experts simplifies all your operations in the cloud. We make sure that data center migrations take place in a smooth, effective and streamlined manner without any negative business impact.

Up to 40%

Reduction in IT Costs

Up to 83%

Boost in Developer Productivity

Up to 19%

Reduction in risks


Less Work Weeks Taken to Perform Cloud Migrations


We’ve been engaged with Embee’s for the last 2 years or so for different solutions. The migration to Azure was challenging as we have various business units. However, they have been a great support for us. We have successfully moved 23 websites with 10 TB of data and zero downtime. I am always impressed by their commitment and unending support.”

Aditya P.S. Sisodia,
VP – Technology IIFL


Ready when you are- Let us hear your queries and requirements.

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