Embee Implemented SAP on Azure Solutions for a leading retail manufacturer to reduce existing infra costs by up to 25%


Since the first store in 1879, our customer has now grown to be one of the most respected and trusted brands in the country. Stylish linens, towels, home furnishings, leisure clothing, kids wear and a whole blissful range of other products are now available across 350+ exclusive Retail or 2000+ Multi-brand stores.

Our customer was facing issues with the existing SAP application hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the cost of running the application was too high. SAP experts at Embee suggested migrating existing infrastructure to Azure to reduce costs and enhance performance. We now provide Azure services and managed service with 24*7 support for workload hosted on Azure to our customer.

Challenges faced by the customer

Our customer had 3 servers for SAP Application on Google Cloud Platform. But the cost of overall operations was quite high. They were looking out for another solution provider to optimize the cost of running the application and better performance.

Solution offered by Embee

After analysing the existing set up, our experts suggested migrating infrastructure from current partner to Embee. Here are the key activities performed by Embee team-

  • Migrated Infrastructure from existing partner to Embee Software.
  • We have deleted all unattached storage.
  • Changed less used Premium Storage to Standard SSD/HDD.
  • Enabled reserved instance for Production Workload.
  • Changed Hot DR solution to Cold tier solution using Azure Site recovery.
  • Performed successful test DR Drill for Production Workload.
  • Migrated 3 Servers from GCP to Microsoft Azure.

We always believe in providing additional value to our customers such as-

  • Provided Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept without any additional cost.
  • Provided Workshop on Infrastructure modernization, Database modernization, WVD and Security components.

Impact of the solution

Currently, our customer has 2 SAP on Azure subscriptions- Retail and Polyester Subscription and Realty Subscription. Here are the key benefits of the solution: –

Huge Savings

The optimization of infrastructure resulted in reduction of cost by up to 25%.

Better Management and performance

24*7 managed services with proactive monitoring resulted in better management and performance.

Future-Ready IT Infrastructure Systems 

Embee as a leading managed IT service provider offers a scalable and flexible service model to determine what level of service our customer needs to help them achieve their core business goals.

Our customer can do their own business while Embee will take care of their Infrastructure. In case of increase in business requirements, we will make sure the IT infrastructure can be scaled out and scaled up.

Embee offers scalable solutions to accommodate rapid changes, improve system availability, proactive monitoring, updated services release management, reporting, and more to eliminate additional setup costs and time.

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