Embee upgrades a leading procurement software solution provider’s approval process and optimizes performance using serverless computing


Our customer, one of the world’s leading procurement consultants, provides a SaaS-based procurement software to organizations. The approval process, designed with Windows Workflow Foundation and built into the software offering, was one of its key functionalities.

However, it was inundated with complexity, errors, and lack of support, which resulted in delays. Embee migrated the approval process to Logic Apps and improved process performance, flexibility, and eliminated processing barriers with serverless computing.

Our Customer’s Challenges

Built on Windows Workflow Foundation, the approval process on SaaS-application was affecting the success of the customer’s solution due to several reasons, including: –

  • Complexity & Steep Learning Curve
  • Difficulty in Debugging
  • Lack of Support
  • Inability to scale as it was VM based

Our Solution

  • Implementation of Azure Logic Apps and accompanying technologies, including Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus and Operations Management Suite (OMS) to fasten the approval process.
  • Implementation of Azure Cosmos DB to manage the users in the process and other details in its internal database.
  • Workflows written in earlier technologies were migrated to serverless computing in the development environment.

The Impact of Our Solution

  • Simplified workflows and ease of customization -leading to more stable, simple processes and productivity improvements.
  • Reduced errors improved the end-user experience for the customer’s users and reduced the amount of time and resources needed in fixing the errors.
  • Improved error resolution time resulted in enhancing the quality of the customer’s SaaS offering.
  • Develop new features faster using developer-friendly APIs, low-code/no-code services.
  • Serverless Benefits- Reduced the time spent on tasks that are non-core to the business by freeing developers from infrastructure provisioning and management.

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