9 out of 10 organizations will lack an application integration strategy in 2018.

Integration disorder, greater complexity and cost characterize the IT environments of most enterprises today. Embee offers consulting services to assess, design, and implement highly available IT solutions that leverage virtualization, as well as streamline redundant and under-utilized resources.

Source: Gartner

System Integration

Does your technology enable your business outcomes?

Whether it’s scaling your business for an influx of new customers, introducing innovative new technology, or making changes to your current business model, high quality systems integration is essential. Having a team that can take your enterprise through the process of discovery, design and deployment of IT solutions can make or break your business. Embee enables business outcomes through innovative design, development and integration of technology systems.

Embee provides end-to-end System
Integration and Consulting

Embee provides end-to-end System Integration and Consulting.

We provide a range of virtual platform support models

We provide a range of virtual platform support models

Virtual Platform Support

Do you have a clear IT roadmap to support business growth?

Businesses are increasingly adopting virtualization as a means to optimize server utilization and lower the number of systems they need to operate and manage. Success lies in finding the right partner to guide you through the journey of building flexible and scalable virtual environments. Embee’s experienced team can help you evaluate, design, execute and support the right virtualization solution to drive business growth.

Manage and Digitize your remote workforce

VirtuaPlace offers solutions that ensure seamless, safe and secure workplace.


Amit Roy

Systems Manager
Atlas Healthcare Software
A division of Atlas Development Corporation

On behalf of our organization ‘Atlas Healthcare Software India Pvt Ltd.’ I would like to say a big Thank You to Embee for their continuous support. Embee is not only a box seller to us, but a true solution and service partner. And when it comes to Service and Support, you guys are really amazing. With a bunch of experienced service engineers from workstation to enterprise class data center equipment, Embee’s support team is making the life of our IT team easier.

I really appreciate and thank each and every one in the support and service team of Embee. Its almost 10 years of association with Embee and we hope to continue the same for years and years.

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Identity and Access

Adoption and Change

Embee is the preferred support & servicing partner for leading Indian corporates.

Solutions from Embee follow a robust practice of “understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform” to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?

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