Manage your Physical Security System with Embee’s Intelligent Surveillance

Embee offers complete end-to-end support including video-analytics to video management systems that help you monitor, record, and retrieve multiple streams of video in real time on site or remote and keep your organization safe

Secure your remote workspaces with Intelligent Surveillance Solution, anywhere work in a 100% secure, reliable environment

Video surveillance is highly on demand due to the increase in need for public safety and crime management. Face recognition, object recognition, event recognition, intelligent image processing, analytics, and remote asset management are some of the basic technologies that are transforming video surveillance systems.

Physical security solutions must be implemented correctly to prevent attackers from gaining physical access and taking what they want. All the firewalls, cryptography, and other security measures that you put in place would be ineffective if that were to occur.

Protecting your Infrastructure with Embee’s Security Solutions

Threats advance as security systems do. We help our customers build secure architecture and manage security systems end to end, keeping them updated and protected from potential threats.

Designing and Implementing Security architecture with our in-depth understanding of management and analytics, we help growing enterprises build layered lock down security architecture.


Multi Device Access

Verify when we call or whenever you feel like it – on almost any device, securely!

self-healing equipment-icon

Self-Healing Equipment

Built in intelligence detects problems before they arise and heals them proactively.


Edge Device Analytics

Processing of video information at the site cuts down on bandwidth usage.


Customized Alerts

Minimizing the possibility breaches with customized alerts to make the process simple and productive


Real-time alerts

Generating real-time alerts to the centralized control center as well as to relevant workstations and mobile phones of key personnel responsible for security.


Centralized control center

All feed from cameras at various locations are routed to the video management server(s) in this room and further related to relevant localized control centers.

Advanced Video Analytics

Video analytics solution can sensor motions which pre-determine any security breach and alert the team in advance to take the necessary action.

Embee configured the video analytics solution to define these activities and raise real-time alerts through customizable rules built within the solution. Some of the suspicious activities that our solution could identify include:


Collection of more than a pre-determined number of people in an area, in this scenario 5 people in key areas of the hospital, would generate an alert.

Object left behind

Presence of unidentified objects as well as removal of key infrastructure could be tracked

automatically and would generate alerts for the security teams to take immediate action.


The motion sensors embedded in the system will also alert the control center as well as the nearest security personnel for any unusual movement along with detecting any activity in the prohibited areas.

Minimal Disruption

Embee’s solution was designed to cause minimum disruption and intrusion. To avoid the time and cost that would have to spend in the laying of fiber cables, Embee designed one of its kind videos over a Wi-Fi solution that was implemented in just 6 months. Since the new solution with advanced analytics capabilities was able to constantly monitor dubious activity without the presence of physical security, the disruption caused to end-users was also eliminated.


The systems would generate alerts if people were idling near the critical facilities longer than a pre-decided time.

Benefits of Intelligent Surveillance Solutions by Embee

Embee provides a hybrid wireless solution that shortened the delivery time by up to 1 year and helped the customer also drive capital infrastructure savings. The comprehensiveness, future readiness, and the unique wireless configuration of Embee’s solution convinced the customer to devote their time and resources to the implementation and organization-wide acceptance of the proposed solution.

Upfront and long-term cost savings

Embee’s automated solution enabled the customer to reduce the number of security personnel required to monitor all key locations from over 60 to less than 30 Security teams are now stationed at respective control rooms and can respond quickly to the automated alerts generated by the system. This allowed our customer to reduce their surveillance expenditure by up to 60%.

Continuous, absolute monitoring

Embee’s solution using 115 state-of-the-art cameras, robust video management software and analytics-based workflows ensured that the customer had a complete and uninterrupted view of their entire campus and its vicinity – minimizing the possibility breaches. The system was also capable of dealing with rough weather as well as poor lighting conditions. The new system enabled complete monitoring, simple video feed transfer to the centralized control center, and customized alerts to relevant stakeholders made the process simple and productive.

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Anil M Nimbargi,

Sr. VP and CIO,

“I would like to Thank you for your support and help in enabling the Order Tracking for our Customers’ reporting system which eliminated the need of manual intervention. The reports are now available on the go resulting in increased efficiency. You have behaved like a true extension of our team with a shared vision of driving business growth, enabling innovation, and process automation.”

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