Drive cost savings of over 60% from AVD deployments. Get started within a day or less.

Support your remote workforce with Azure virtual desktop (AVD) that is powerful, flexible, and secure.

Power up your remote workspaces with AVD (formerly WVD)- Facilitate anytime, anywhere work in a 100% secure, reliable environment


Cost Management

Save on costs of desktop management, infrastructure, and support with Embee’s WVD service. Virtual desktops offer a quick saving solution by reducing the costs of desktops maintenance and optimization.



WVD stores your desktop information on a remote server. This minimizes security threats as corporate data is stored in a secure virtual private network (VPN) to ensure only your employees can access the information.


Disaster recovery

At a time of a natural disaster, power outage, or a malware attack virtualization successfully minimizes organization downtime, responds quicker to downtime, and helps protect against any possible business disruption.


Employee Efficiency

With the ability to remotely access files at any time, anywhere, remote workers have more flexibility than ever. Flat tires, bad weather, and travel will not stop your employees from accessing information they need from another device to complete work.

Just Choose Your AVD Pack and Leave Rest to Us

You can choose from wide range of AVD packs depending upon your budget and requirements. Our solution architects can work with you to build an ideal solution for your most demanding projects.


Single Desktop

Get dedicated VMs for primary users with critical usage needs.


Pooled Desktop

In this, you get to assign a single desktop to a pool of users and manage the load of your VMs effectively.

Embee’s Cloud Desktop as a Service Key Features and Benefits

  • Simplified and effective troubleshooting using advanced diagnostic service​
  • 3rd party value-added services enabled ​by APIs​.
  • Less network bandwidth compared to USB camera redirection​
  • Increased video frame rates, ​up to 30 fps​
  • Enhanced UI for ease of use​ in virtualized environments​
  • Ability to redirect multiple cameras​
  • High-performance, low latency ​audio & video calling​
  • Sophisticated security services easily configured through Azure Active Directory (e.g. MFA).
  • Reverse connect technology eliminates the need to open inbound ports to the VMs.
  • Multiple admins can be assigned role-based access control.
  • Isolated user sessions in both single and multi-session environments.
  • One service supports both Desktop & RemoteApp experience​
  • Flexible user experience through a single host pool, with multiple app groups​
  • Familiar Azure AD credentials, to access WVD resources​

  • Multiple tools for automated VM deployment
  • Enhanced OS/App update tools
  • Disaster Recovery with integrated Azure Site Recovery

4 Hrs. Workshop on Azure Virtual Desktop by Embee

This 4- hour Azure Virtual Desktop Workshop provides you with a basic understanding of the components required to deploy in Azure including a readiness assessment to understand the next steps.

What you will learn: -

  • What is remote desktop?
  • Types of Remote Desktop (Session Host, VDI)
  • Remote Desktop Services vs Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly WVD)
  • How do you License Azure Virtual Desktop?
  • How do I use Office 365 in Azure Virtual Desktop?
  • The use of FSLogix in Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Solution based on Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Pricing AVD and sizing the desktop hosts
  • Client Apps
  • Demo of Azure Virtual Desktop from build to User Acceptance

This Workshop is delivered over Microsoft Teams and includes a current state assessment.


Get the best AVD experience delivered on Azure with Embee

Azure Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. Deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes, and get built-in security and compliance features.


Multi-session Windows 10 virtual desktop experience.

connect-from-any device_icon

Connect from any device of your choice (Windows, MacOS / iOS, HTML5, Android, Linux).


Containerized User Profiles (FSLogix) with fast VHD load times.


Optimization for Office365 ProPlus.

support-for-remote -desktop-services_icon

Support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environment.

Are you still not sure whether you need AVD (formerly WVD) for your business or not? Take this assessment to make sure you are the right

  • You need the ability to add/onboard users quickly and easily​.
  • You need to scale efficiently on demand​.
  • Your end-users need a seamless rich client experience with Outlook, Search, Cortana, OneDrive, and Skype​.
  • You need to manage different deployment types across different deployment planes
  • You need to bring Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to your users​.
  • You need to support both persistent and non-persistent environments​.
  • You need integrated security and management e.g. Microsoft 365, AAD, Intune. ​
  • You are in a regulated industry and need to meet strict compliance requirements​.
  • Your virtual desktop journey requires reuse of existing investments.
  • You want to reduce management and deployment costs for Windows Server/Windows Client​.
  • You want specific workforce circumstances where Employees with BYOD and mobile staff, call centre workforce and branch employees working from different locations. ​

Embee’s Comprehensive Approach and Faster Implementations to AVD Deployments

  • Create the Master Image  ​
  • Creating the Desktop Pool
  • Connecting to Individual Desktop (Pooled/Personal)
  • Refresh user connections
  • Recompose master image and re-deploying ​


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Aditya P.S. Sisodia,

VP – Technology IIFL

We’ve been engaged with Embee for the last 2 years or so for different solutions. The migration to Azure was challenging as we have various business units. However they have been a great support for us. We have successfully moved 23 websites with 10 TB of data and zero downtime. I am always impressed by their commitment and unending support.

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