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Microsoft Power BI based Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solution by Embee to help you decide better, win more customers, beat competition, and boost profits.

Create a data-driven culture with Power BI based Powerful Data Analytics Solutions

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Real-time data access

Propel efficient board meetings with near real-time data to focus on core business than data preparation.


Self-service Analytics

Create and share compelling reports & interactive dashboards on your own in a matter of minutes.


Predictive Analysis

Analyze current and historical data to make predictions about future events to take right decisions.


Protect your data

With secure access control you can decide who can access sensitive information and on what levels.


Sharing insights anytime, anywhere

Share dashboards and reports to anyone in your organization easily, anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Data Visualization

Our business intelligence and analytics platform comes with interactive graphs and charts and heat maps.

Empowering 5 million + users to transition from data to discoveries to decisions within minutes

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Embee helps its customers make smarter, faster and better decisions with Data Polaris

Data-driven businesses are five times more likely to make faster decisions than their market peers, and twice as likely to land in the top quartile of financial performance within their industries.


Embee’s Power BI and Data Analytics solutions for every business

Analytics, automation, and AI are deeply integrated throughout our product and service portfolio. Combined with our deep industry expertise, they allow us to help our clients operate with new agility across all their business functions.



Only 52% of healthcare organizations have a digital dexterity program as part of their digital business strategy. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-

  • Revenue Analysis
  • Re-admission trends and Health Status
  • Member Retention Rate
  • Departmental Analysis
  • Average Patient Wait Time
  • Bed Occupancy Rate
  • Staff-To-Patient Ratio
  • Claims Denial Rate
  • Training Per Department
  • Number of Mistake Events
  • Patient Confidentiality


More than 50% of manufacturers use engineering technology implemented five years ago or earlier. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-

  • Production Volume
  • Production Downtime
  • Production Costs
  • Overall Operations Effectiveness (OOE)
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP)
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Rate of Return
  • On-time Delivery
  • Asset Turnover
  • Maintenance Costs


93% of shippers and 98% of third-party logistics companies believe that data analytics is critical to making intelligent decisions. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-

  • Order Booking
  • Cost Analysis
  • Dispatch
  • Branch Planning
  • Collections
  • Inventory


The big data analytics in retail market is expected to reach USD 13.26 billion by the end of 2025. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-

  • Sales per square foot​
  • Sales and Return of Goods Analysis​
  • Customer Conversion and Retention Analysis​
  • Inventory Analysis​
  • Real Estate Analysis​
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Average transaction value​
  • Foot traffic and digital traffic

Food & Beverage

The food industry is worth $81 trillion globally, which also means there is a ton of data here waiting to be processed and analysed. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-

  • Line standards, outputs, and efficiencies
  • Total labour recovery
  • Volume throughput
  • Capacity utilization
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Department and line staffing standards
  • Schedule attainment and changes
  • Maintenance availability (downtime/operating)
  • Customer fill rate and on-time delivery rate

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Embee's approach to assess, implement, integrate & manage Data Analytics solutions


A comprehensive assessment of the current state of the client, understand their desired state and providing a roadmap to breakdown departmental silos.


Help our clients own an integrated modern data lake/ warehouse with an architecture using proven set of logical designs, comprehensive models and actionable metrics.


An easy to adopt design for highlighting the key performance indicators to plan, monitor, analyze &manage business performance


Leveraging data to achieve predictive and prescriptive analytics, thus making a room for innovation using ML/AI.

Why Choose Embee for Data Analytics solutions?

Data Polaris helps in deploying technologies for efficient delivery processes, better utilization of resources, and optimization to scale performance.

Microsoft Gold Partner

A leading Microsoft Partner in India with 30+ years of experience in digital transformations for enterprise organizations.

Scale up and down easily

Easily scale up or down according to your requirements. Our data analytics services give you the most flexible scaling experience to accommodate your growing needs.

Value realization

Measure execution, experience, and the impact on business outcomes constantly and consistently.

100+ Successful Power BI Implementations

Completed 100+ Power BI powered Digital Analytics projects with unparalleled support and services for a high quality, customer-focused experience.

Data management & governance

Embee enables a trusted approach to manage, maintain, and govern your critical data centrally so that it can be leveraged to develop differentiating capabilities.

Business adoption

Instilling a data-driven culture and analytics mindset for better decision-making and business adoption of strategic priorities.

Microsoft endorses Embee for the following Advanced Specializations

Windows Virtual

Azure on Kubernetes

Windows Server and SQL
Server Migration to
Microsoft Azure

Linux and Open Source
Database Migration to
Microsoft Azure

Identity and Access

Adoption and Change

Trusted by Clients and Industry Experts Alike


Leading Airfreight Flag Carrier Enterprise Reporting & Insights

Specialized in handling air and sea freight and providing customs clearance for imports and exports. Customer’s range of products offerings also includes project business, road transportation to GCC countries and warehousing.

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With Powerful Enterprise Reporting, Our customer delivers the most reliable TV Measurement Systems in the World

Our customer uses the latest technologies in a transparent framework to give the Indian advertising and broadcast industry the data around ratings crucial to make efficient media spends and content decisions.​

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Saudi's leading retailer leverages Business Intelligence to boost top-line growth

They studied customer behaviour including purchase trends, mapping to economic strata and breakdown between new and returning customers. ​​​

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Anil M Nimbargi,

Sr. VP and CIO,

“I would like to Thank you for your support and help in enabling the Order Tracking for our Customers’ reporting system which eliminated the need of manual intervention. The reports are now available on the go resulting in increased efficiency. You have behaved like a true extension of our team with a shared vision of driving business growth, enabling innovation, and process automation.”

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