[Webinar recording] Keep your business alive and secure during this challenging journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented technology leadership at all organizations with two immediate priorities. First comes with securing work-from-home arrangements with work-from-home becoming a norm on an unprecedented scale and second is maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of email and consumer-facing applications, websites, and more with surging traffic as a result of the additional time people are spending at home.

Within this webinar, our speakers Mr. Sunil Kumar and Mr. Vikas Pandey took a deep dive into Web Application Firewall and Email Security for the organizations.

In the world of digital security, vulnerabilities can be the aftereffect of improper Computer or security designs and programming blunders. Whenever left unaddressed, vulnerabilities make security holes and cybercriminals can abuse. With Web Application Firewall, is a pre-built security templates and intuitive web interface provide prompt security without the need for time-consuming tuning or application learning. Integration with security vulnerability scanners and SIEM tools automates the assessment, monitoring, and mitigation process.

On Email Security front, over $12B has been lost to spear phishing and account takeover, Secure email gateways are no longer sufficient to defend against today’s sophisticated social-engineering attacks. With this webinar, we understood how these attacks bypass traditional security and end up costing organizations time, money, and brand equity. Speakers also highlighted how it is crucial to evaluate and understand your email security vulnerabilities. Utilizing artificial intelligence and API integration with Office 365, the Email Threat Scanner rapidly and adequately discovers social building attacks sitting in your inbox.

Embee in collaboration with Barracuda is empowering innovators to proactively secure their organization with WAF and Email Threat Scanner solutions. Click here to know more.

We at Embee, with our close to 30+ years of expertise as the most trusted technology solutions provider, want to make sure you are connected, productive, and secured during these difficult times. Hence, with this and upcoming webinars we aim to bring to you the security, collaboration and other technology best practices and ideas that can keep you prepared to become a Digital Workplace of Tomorrow.

Embee is a recognized leading technology partner in India with 34+ years of experience in delivering digital transformation to its 2000+ customers. We are uniquely positioned to empower businesses to be more with Productivity & Collaboration solutions enabling them to be more connected and productive.

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