The Power of Digital- Our commitment to ensuring business and learning continuity

Jun 22, 2020

The Power of Digital- Our commitment to ensuring business and learning continuity


By Sudhir Kothari, MD, CEO, Embee Software Pvt. Ltd.

As we emerge out of the unprecedented nationwide lockdown, there is much speculation about the aftermath of such a global disruption. People are gradually discovering the ‘new-normal’, be it in social interaction, business operations or even leisure. COVID-19 has hit us all suddenly. Many businesses found themselves unprepared and scrambled to adopt various technologies to keep the ball rolling. Comprehensive technologies for remote productivity, collaboration and business continuity have existed for several years. What was slower to catch up was the cultural buy-in. ‘Do I really need to invest in it?‘ or ‘How can I do the review without being face-to-face?’ the CEO would exclaim in the old-world. The tables have turned for many organizations. The future is digital, and I firmly believe that businesses and institutions must use this disruption as an opportunity to adopt and transform with technology. We at Embee have been enabling organizations to do precisely that for over three decades.

As a leading digital partner of Microsoft India for more than three decades, Embee has served over 1000+ customers to adopt the cloud-based Microsoft Azure and M365 platform. With M365, organizations can work and collaborate remotely with ease. It comprises a suite of software for productivity & collaboration which can be accessed anywhere, at any time, with comprehensive security protocols to protect organization data.

Embee is also leading the march to deploy Microsoft Teams, the collaboration software part of M365 for virtual meetings. The utility of a software like Teams cuts across organizations and industries, from corporates to schools to hospitals alike. Over the period of the lockdown, we have also ensured remote learning in over 200+ schools across the country with Teams.

A lot more is possible with a digital platform. Mechanical and cumbersome HR & Admin processes can be automated to save on costs and resources. Data Analytics tools help capture business data to make informed decisions and measure business performance. All of which go a long way in shaping a successful organization. Embee provides its home-grown HR Software, Octane and other automated tools on Microsoft Power BI, SharePoint and PowerApps that transform organization processes.

Further, tools like ERP & CRMs go a long way in helping organizations scale and diversify. Embee provides cutting edge solutions on SAP Business One to set businesses on the path of growth.

Ultimately, technology should not be a headache for your business but an enabler of growth. With over two decades of experience in IT Support, Embee is well-equipped to handle your IT, with a host of options for Managed IT services, while you benefit from it to run your business.

This adversity can inspire organizations to rethink their digital strategy and adopt the above tools to transform their business. To help organizations, I am happy to announce a dedicated program for SMB’s to benefit from. Businesses can choose from a variety of software and services, curated to their needs, at an attractive monthly subscription. Embee is eager to be your partner in growth.

Embee is a recognized leading technology partner in India with 34+ years of experience in delivering digital transformation to its 2000+ customers. We are uniquely positioned to empower businesses to be more with Productivity & Collaboration solutions enabling them to be more connected and productive.

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