[Webinar Recording] Go beyond communication & collaboration | Utilizing Microsoft Teams to its best potential

We all know Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365. It enables businesses with instant messaging, audio and video calling, file and data collaboration, rich online meetings, mobile experiences, and extensive web conferencing capabilities. But, here’s the million dollar question- Is that it? Is there more to Teams than what meets the eye?

Here, in the second session of the Webinar Trilogy series, Nirajkumar Pandey, ‘Go beyond communication & collaboration | Utilizing Microsoft Teams to its best potential’ discussed lesser known features and functionalities of Microsoft Teams that makes meeting experience a great experience for users. Neeraj also discussed how potential of Microsoft Teams can be maximized with customizations and extensibilities.

We at Embee, with our close to 25+ years of partnership with Microsoft and being one of the most trusted technology solutions provider, want to make sure you are connected and productive during these difficult times, have access to Teams, and are leveraging its full potential. Hence, this series of webinar. The Microsoft Teams Trilogy series powered by Embee aims to bring to you the Teams best practices and ideas that can keep you prepared to become a Digital Workplace of Tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the next webinar and check what’s coming up next:

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[Webinar] Innovating with Teams: Face lifting the entire communication & collaboration landscape for your business
When – Thursday, April 30th, 2020
Time – 11:00 am to 11:45 am (IST)


  • Modern meetings- What is the buzz all about? How to work it out?
    • AI & chatbots,
    • Multiple languages,
    • Integration with devices,
    • Apps & workflows
  • Real life business use cases / scenarios where innovation within Teams changed the game

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