From a tool for productivity to a platform for Innovation

65% of organizations report an app development backlog. With Embee’s Microsoft PowerApps Consulting and Development services get custom and interactive business applications quickly.

Business and IT challenges

Budget constraints

IT/business partnership

Time & resource

Rising customer expectations

Paper processes

New digital business models

Limited agility

Need for differentiation

Technical skills shortages

Security & compliance risks

Microsoft Power Platform

The low-code platform that spans Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, and standalone applications​

Innovation anywhere, Unlocks value everywhere.​​


Power BI

Business analytics


Power Apps

Application development


Power Automate

Process automation


Power Virtual Agent

Intelligent virtual agents






Data Service

Power Apps drives business transformation

Learn how business reduced development costs and increased overall efficiency using Power Apps


ROI over three years


Reduction in app development costs

3.2 hrs

Line-of-business employee productivity improvement per week

Benefits of low-code app development with Microsoft Power Apps

Low-code platforms enable a visual approach to building apps, empowering everyone, regardless of whether they can code or not, to quickly turn their bright ideas, into brilliant apps.


Speed and Savings

Automate and enhance repetitive and time-consuming processes and reduce errors across your organization. Reduce time & cost building web and mobile applications, enabling you to get through your development backlog.


Deliver immersive, complex platform modernizations

Built on Azure, with massive scale, 54 data centers worldwide, more than 90 compliance certifications; rely on the robust infrastructure of Microsoft for your low-code platform.


World class Pro Developer tools, support and ALM

Experience the full range of development and application lifecycle management, with rich pro developer tools to rapidly package and deploy apps with unlimited customizations. Tailor this platform, quickly, to your needs.


Unlimited integration

Built-in connectivity to 300+ cloud services, files, databases, web APIs, plus custom and on-premises connectors, connected, across all your applications, 1st, and 3rd party.


Extend, integrate, innovate

The combination of Power Apps, plus Power Platform, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure services, and all your apps and services and on-premise data sources, is a foundation of unrivalled platform technology that supports innovation.


Infuse AI to add powerful in-app Intelligence

Automate manual processes with pre-built, AI-infused app components that allow users to leverage built-in intelligence and discover actional insights with a simple point-and-click.

Why is Power Apps the leading low code App platform for your organization?

Tailor out of the box solutions, forms and dashboards

One platform, unlimited opportunity. Make Office 365 and Dynamics 365 your own with powerful apps that span productivity and business data. Customize SharePoint Online, use PowerApps with Microsoft Teams, and build apps on Dynamics 365.

Build highly customised task and role-based applications

Clear the development backlog by empowering citizen developers leveraging low-code through DevOps. Automate paper processes & manual data collection and solve business problems.

Deliver immersive, complex platform modernizations

Built on Azure, with massive scale, rely on the robust infrastructure of Microsoft. Empower all developers across the organization to unlock value quickly through a robust hybrid development platform.

Built in intelligence

Easily build, train, and publish AI models without writing a single line of code using pre-built or configurable templates and a guided process with AI Builder. Outpace competitors by infusing your process automation with AI.

All your data in one place

Data is at the core of every app. Access all the data you need with no silos. Built-in connectivity to 275+ cloud services, files, databases, web APIs. Add your own custom connectors and on-premises sources. Leverage this data through the Common Data Service and harness the insights to drive transformation.

Power Up creative thinking

Power Apps encourages cross organization collaboration between business, IT and Pro Dev, with IT in control, ensuring governance, compliance, and security. This partnership drives design thinking, a strategic, innovative approach to solving problems.

Intuitive to use & easy to learn for citizen developers

Build apps fast with a point-and-click approach to app design. Choose from a large selection of templates or start from a blank canvas. Easily connect your app to data and use Excel-like expressions to easily add logic.

One admin center to rule them all for IT administrators

No compromises on governance and security. One centralized view and management of all your 1 & 3rd party apps, eliminating shadow IT. GDPR compliance, and enterprise grade security, consistent with the experience across O365 & D365.

World class Pro Developer support and ALM

Experience the full range of development and ALM functionality with rich pro developer tools like Visual Studio and DevOps. Reuse your current IP and skills – Power Apps component framework, CLI and VS Code create instant value for the business.

Power Apps for Office 365 vs Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps for Office 365​
A tool for productivity
Microsoft Power Apps​ An end-to-end low-code
application development platform
Plan Seeded Power Apps Power Apps per app plan Power Apps per user plan
Licensing Licensed through Office 365.​
Extend and customize Office 365.
Licensed by app​
$10 user/app/month
Licensed by user​
$40 user/month
Description Allow users to customize & extend Office 365 for productivity scenarios. Broad availability of Power Apps for citizen developers within Office 365 is core to Microsoft’s strategy, and this is not going to change. Allow individual users to run applications for a specific business scenario based on the full capabilities of Power Apps​
Power Apps per app plan entitles licensed user to run 2 apps (canvas and/or model driven) and 1 portal
Equip users to run unlimited applications based on the full capabilities of Power Apps
Benefits Microsoft is the only vendor that empowers more then 180 million business users to become citizen developers. With other solution providers such as Salesforce and Appian charging between 90-100 dollars per user per month, the Microsoft Power Apps is almost 45% cheaper.

Power Apps for Office 365

Streamline buisness processes with integrated apps and workflows in your hub for teamwork and productivity.

  • Develop low-code apps and forms that enhance your productivity with Power Apps for Office 365.
  • Integrate and share apps and workflows within Microsoft Teams.
  • Collect, manage, and distribute content and data using SharePoint, Microsoft Forms, and Excel.

Power Apps for Office 365 is the only low-code productivity tool that empowers more than 180 million commercial subscribers of Office 365 to become citizen developers, easily build apps and automate processes that extend Office 365 common productivity scenarios.

Multiply your developer capabilities

Hire your developers to focus on value-add activities

Traditional Application Development inevitably leads to technical debt as solutions become more mature and require more and more maintenance.

  • Microsoft Power Apps significantly reduces technical debt over time by:
  • Enabling automation of repetitive parts of the DevOps cycle
  • Leveraging a fully managed data platform that requires less maintenance over time
  • Solution checker enables faster identification and resolution of issues
  • Full range of customization and development experiences with rich
    pro developer tools.
  • Visual studio-based extension authoring, tools supporting both declarative and programmatic customizations.
  • Web API for use across a variety of programming languages, platforms,
    and devices (supporting OData).
  • Developers can build compelling visual components for Power Apps.
  • Custom components are responsive, reusable and support multiple form factors.
  • Reuse your current IP and skills–framework is based on standard web technologies TypeScript/JS, CSS and HTML5.
  • React and fabric support available in preview.

Manage your multi-cloud, hybrid IT estate

Get free assessment for Cloud Migration and Managed Services worth US$3,000

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Aditya P.S. Sisodia,

VP – Technology IIFL

We’ve been engaged with Embee for the last 2 years or so for different solutions. The migration to Azure was challenging as we have various business units. However they have been a great support for us. We have successfully moved 23 websites with 10 TB of data and zero downtime. I am always impressed by their commitment and unending support.

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