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Advances in Technology are radically changing the relationship between businesses and their customers. We help make that happen.

The impact of technology on business has been larger than anyone would’ve expected. And those who didn’t see it coming are now out of business. Think Kodak, Blockbuster and Nokia.

At Embee, we’re passionate about what’s around the corner. Our people are driven by the need to find solutions for clients that help them become agile, flexible and leaders of tomorrow. We’re always looking for individuals that are curious, learning-driven, and think out of the box. The rest is up to us. Our entrepreneurial culture allows our team to learn, grow and experiment. Empowerment is a way of life, for us.

If you want to make a meaningful contribution, you really should be working with us.

The Embee Culture

Digital business isn’t just about replacing the old with the new. Its about connecting dots to create value. The culture at Embee encourages our team to think laterally, yet stay focused on value creation for customers.

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Current Openings

If you are a super passionate individual looking for a collaborative environment, being part of a dynamic team, and to drive the next wave of technology disruption, our doors are open.

Position: Deputy Manager – Networking Delivery
Job Code : TRF1718/00001
Open Positions : 1
Requisition Month : Jun 2017
Location: Kolkata
Direct Reports : 3-5
Age Band : Within 32 years

How does this position bring value to Embee?
As Delivery Manager, you ensure that the Passive related components of Networking Projects are defined properly, Projects implemented within cost and stated time and interests of the various stakeholders like customers and employees catered to.

What will you be doing?

  1. Understand the scope of work from the tender document and/or customer meeting
  2. Project site survey to understand the requirements
  3. Play an active role in preparation of Passive components in the overall BOM
  4. Take project handover from pre-sales team after thorough understanding of the proposed BoM
  5. Supervise passive work thoroughly
  6. Coordinate with logistic department and with the account manager to ensure availability of products on time and to avoid escalation
  7. Hand over the executed project to the customer and get signoff for project completion
  8. Manage both internal as well as outsourced manpower

What will you bring to the job?

  1. Minimum 5-7 years of relevant experience specifically in handling and delivering projects
  2. Minimum full time graduate OR 3 yr. full time Technical Diploma
  3. Deep understanding of Passive Networking components
  4. An affable nature with is able to manage and motivate your team members to give their best
  5. Good written skills to be able to conduct business communication and draft reports
  6. A prior experience of managing large multi-site networking projects with both active components installation & passive cabling work
  7. Sturdy physical strength to withstand frequent travel to sites for supervision
  8. Excellent Time Management skills

Any of these would make you awesome 😊

  1. Knowledge and understanding of project management methodology used in PMP and ITIL
  2. Engineering / Science Graduate or completed Science (Physics, Chemistry and Pure Math’s at Higher Secondary Level
  3. At some stage of your career you have had the opportunity to participate in various passive activities

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