Complete CAF Driven Transformation: 10 weeks Implementation at $90,000

Embee’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) transformation services works best for highly regulated enterprises and ensures scalable and agile cloud platform coupled with operational efficiencies and faster time to market.

Accelerate your cloud journey now.

Embee’s CAF Driven Cloud Adoption and Transformation Services

Embee’s CAF transformation services enable customers to securely plan, design & organize, and migrate , and innovate varied workloads onto the cloud.
The framework empowers our customers to reimagine their cloud journey and accelerate hassle-free, smooth cloud adoption. The highly synchronized approach enables ‘lift and shift’, re-factor, re-platform and deploy a Cloud native and DevOps environment.

During the engagement, Team Embee will support the delivery of the following outcomes:

  • Assessment, scoping, and migration of non-critical and critical applications and planning migration in phases.
  • Azure setup to organize resources, access management, security & compliance.
  • Creation of an initial Azure Landing Zone built to CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) standards.
  • Rationalization: Application asset sizing, Development platform and database server identification, cloud consumption cost projections and estimations, studying the existing code and decide the migration strategy.
  • Implement migrations in phases: Moving non-critical workloads followed by the critical ones once the Azure Landing Zone has been hardened.
  • A hardened Azure landing zone capable of higher level services such as; Azure Firewall & Security Centre.

Embee Cloud Migration Framework

Achieve greater flexibility, security, storage and consistency to meet the needs of your business today and tomorrow with No-Cost Data Center Migration services by Embee.


Assess & Plan

Assess, plan, and align actionable cloud adoption processes to business goals & expected outcomes.

  • Project Scope Definition
  • Identifying scope of work and deliverables definition
  • Assessment Scoping
  • Study the source code, current architecture, Database diagram
  • Define Migration strategy- Rehost / Refactor / Re-Architect / Rebuild​
  • Define DevOps
  • Cloud Adoption Plan

Design & Organize - Making you cloud-ready

Prepare, design, and setup the  Cloud environment for the  planned changes.

  • Migration roadmap
  • Role based Access management​
  • Naming convention for all resources
  • Manage costs & billing center
  • Setting up Azure for your workloads ​
  • Landing Zone creation
  • Cloud security and governance
  • Update Cloud adoption plan​
  • Dev/QA/ testing​ and

Launching to the Cloud

Migration that’s quick & error-free, so that customer can focus on their vision, without worrying about the infrastructure.

  • Migration and modernization of workloads in waves and sprints
  • Release for UAT​
  • Optimize & Promote​
  • Configure Cost Management​
  • Production Release​
  • Documentation
  • Validation and performance testing
  • Knowledge transfer and training

Innovate your cloud environment

Building new capabilities to unlock new technical skills and expand business capabilities.

  • Establish business value consensus
  • Creating a Minimum Viable Product
  • Validation across users & stakeholders
  • Roll-out with our comprehensive cloud adoption framework

Benefits of Azure CAF aligned Assessment and Migration Services by Embee

Drive value and focus on business growth with full control of your data, applications and workloads by deploying hyper-scalable and secure architecture on the cloud.


Zero Downtime Migration

Our cloud experts ensure that the migration is done with maximum efficiency, zero downtimes, optimum consumptions, and control.


Flexibility of workload migration

With Embee’s cloud assessment and migration services ensure greater agility, security, and consistency to meet the needs of your business today and tomorrow.


Simplify Operations

At Embee, we assess, plan, and align actionable cloud adoption processes to help you achieve your business goals & expected outcomes.


Application Modernization

Migration and modernization of applications in waves and sprints that’s quick & error-free, so that you can focus on your vision, without worrying about them. ​

Innovate & Develop

We leverage emerging technologies to transform your cloud operations model, align cloud engagement with business goals, and drive innovation for maximum ROI.

Why Move to Cloud with Embee Now?

Embee’s Cloud experts simplifies all your operations in the cloud. We make sure that data center migrations take place in a smooth, effective and streamlined manner without any negative business impact.

Up to 40%

Reduction in IT Costs

Up to 83%

Boost in Developer Productivity

Up to 19%

Reduction in Risks


Less Work Weeks Taken to Perform Cloud Migrations

Let our Microsoft certified cloud experts help you out.

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