Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends to Look Out For in 2020

With over 60% of businesses using cloud services, it is obvious that cloud computing is not only here to stay but grow substantially. Accordingly, here are some of the major cloud computing trends that are supposed to become dominant in the year 2020.

  1. The emergence of the hybrid cloud
  2. Combining Big data analytics with cloud
  3. Relevance of BYOD
  4. Graphics and gamification
  5. Replacement of the company-owned data centers

The emergence of the hybrid cloud

As per the latest cloud computing trends, 84% of enterprises run on a multi-cloud strategy. The rise of the hybrid cloud will put an end to the debate regarding whether to go for private cloud or public cloud. Statistics reveal that businesses have difficulty choosing between the two and as a result, look for deploying a mixture of both private and public clouds.

But the implementation of multiple cloud providers undergoes the risk of failure in tracking resources and controlling the expenses. Hybrid cloud puts an end to these concerns as it merges the security and cost-effectiveness of the private cloud with the power-packed performances of the public cloud.

Combining Big Data analytics with cloud

As much as 80% of organizations are predicted to migrate toward the cloud by 2025. Big data analytics is basically the procedure involving examining and analyzing huge sets of data, hence the name big data, to study market trends, correlations, customer preferences, and every other business information. Businesses, today, are finding it more practical to merge the big data with cloud computing. The merge brings for businesses what can be called the most practical way of getting a scalable tool for making a mark in the highly competitive global marketplace.

Relevance of BYOD

Mobile devices are undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of consumer electronics. And they are being increasingly used for official purposes to enhance productivity. The BYOD policies adhered to by organizations are encouraging this phenomenon thereby enabling people to access confidential company data and applications on their personal devices – which may be their smart phone or tablet. And with the Cloud this entire process only becomes smoother and much secure.

According to a survey conducted by CMR 42% of Indian enterprises have a BYOD policy and this is only expected to increase. A rising number of IT companies will exploit the mobile device management tools to integrate personal cloud services for their employees in the BYOD environment.

Graphics and gamification

Running high-end games and graphic applications otherwise require considerable hardware infrastructural investment. This no longer holds true with cloud services for businesses. Companies can now get a number of cloud-based graphic technologies that enable the smooth running of the applications simply on an HTML5 web browser.

The cloud-based applications using game theory are predicted to be on the rise of the approaching year. According to Gartner, gamification will be a positive step for businesses willing to improve upon the customer and employee benefits.

Replacement of the company-owned data centers

According to Adam Selipsky of Amazon, cloud computing will largely affect the way applications are designed, built and used. So, in the next five years, the company owned data-centers will be replaced. Selipsky also added the ways in which this will eventually become possible:

  • Cloud makes the concept of big data possible without huge servers
  • Cloud helps building a mobile ecosystem for a mobile-first world
  • Distribute architecture is enabled by cloud
  • Cloud makes what can be called a supercomputer in the reach of every developer

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