Streamline distribution & supply chain with SAP-certified Add-on for Logistics industry


In today’s world, supply chains are complex. Organizations are expected to manage their supply chains more efficiently to compete with others and stay ahead in the market. To meet these expectations and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business, organizations should implement a robust logistics system.

SAP-certified Add-on for logistics by Embee is the ideal solution for your company’s logistics management needs. It helps to track inventory, route the items, forecast demand, and keep track of people and assets involved in the supply chain. Setting up shipping routes and managing the vendors and their service levels can also be done with SAP Business One for Logistics.

emLogistics- SAP-certified Add-on for Logistics Industry by Embee

emLogistics add-on is designed for companies that are involved in providing third-party warehouse services to their customers. It is designed and developed in such a way that it can be easily plugged in and integrated with SAP Business One.

Features of SAP-certified Add-on for Logistics Industry

  • Maintenance and tracking of both In-bound and Out-bound flow of customer goods.
  • Track warehouse occupancy during the movement of goods.
  • Accurate invoicing for warehouse charges and any other value-added service provided.
  • Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit SAP Business One applications.
  • Set a user-wise preference and use warehouse master to create a new warehouse or modify the existing warehouse.
  • Document series for contract and advance shipment notice.
  • Add update or search any Attribute, Contract type, Commercial invoice type, and Shipping type.
  • Entry form to capture details of services applicable and rates as signed with the customer.
  • Entry form to capture the Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) by Customer for receipt of goods.
  • Entry form to capture details for receipt of goods against Advance Shipment Notice (ASN).
  • Entry form to capture the details of the request for transfer of goods from one warehouse to another.
  • Log in to the mobile computer (HHT) to move the item(s) to store location, delivery, or pick list Selection.
  • Entry form to capture details of warehousing and other related charges to be charged to the customer.

Benefits of SAP-certified Add-on for Logistics Industry

  • Avoid human errors with accurate invoicing and transactional records.
  • Automated tracking and maintenance of the movement of customer goods.
  • Store, deliver, and track against pick list on mobile computer (HHT).
  • Never miss a deadline or inventory update with an automated notifications system.
  • Go digital and never worry about losing any warehouse-related information.

Summing Up

emLogistics- SAP-certified Add-on for Logistics by Embee brings you on the right path for fast-track growth by attaining top levels of quality and efficiency through process simplification and elimination of errors.

Rapid & Remote Implementation Approach activate SAP Business One within weeks

Embee provides end-to-end services that guarantee optimum functionality at each step such as License Procurement, customization with Embee’s SAP-approved add-ons, comprehensive consultation, and implementation services.

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