Azure Customer Camp Success Highlights: SQL Server on Azure Cloud Introduction to Demo Powered by Embee and Microsoft


In collaboration with Microsoft, Embee ran an Azure Cloud Camp where we had a brief knowledge-sharing session on SQL Server starting from Introduction to Demo and Implementation.

Since the world of technology is advancing with the increasing demand for data security, it is undeniable that today’s data estates are also increasingly becoming complex. Now it can be anywhere, be it the data hosted on-premises or in the cloud, or at the edge of the network. Security plays a major role when it comes to any business data.

Most service providers promise security, yet they fail when it comes to delivering the right service. But this is not the case with Microsoft, and it has been proven by its users and technical experts.

In our recent event where we collaborated with Microsoft and discussed how businesses can lower their cost of ownership (TCO) and get free, built-in security and automated management at no extra cost with SQL Server on Azure Cloud, we received great feedback from all professional attendees.

Join Himani Agarwal (Subsidiary BG-Lead Svr Marketing, Microsoft), Sanjeet Kumar Sen (Director Partner Marketing Azure India, Microsoft), and Anurup Singal (Director Customer Program SMB India, Microsoft) along with Embee experts who guided all the attendees on how to decide the right enterprise storage solution for your organization went successfully well.

The highlights and the agenda was –

  • Introduction to Azure and Azure Data Services
  • Types of Migration and modernization triggers
  • Introduction to SQL Managed Instances, SQL Azure Databases, and SQL in a VM, SQL Server IaaS Extension
  • Business Continuity and Restorability Features
  • Migration path – Tools available on Azure portal, Market place and Partner developed
  • Use cases for Cloud Adoption for Data, benefits, Security, and Industry Adoption
  • Demo – Migration from on-prem SQL Server to Azure SQL Best practices adoption in Data migration and performance

If you also want to explore the idea of having a secured database or if you have a plan to Migrate your SQL Server workloads to the cloud to get the performance and security of SQL Server combined with the flexibility and hybrid connectivity of Azure, connect with our consultants now.

Event Photographs

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