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How Octane HRMS Streamline Performance Management


“Performance management, when handled skillfully in an organization today, can increase job satisfaction, employee retention, loyalty, and overall performance of the organization.” – Soumyasanto Sen, Co-Founder & Partner, People ConscienceEmployees are the biggest assets affecting the productivity and performance of business operations in a company. Therefore, businesses across the...

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The Complete Guide to Build Cloud-Native Applications with Kubernetes, Serverless, and Managed Databases


“By 2021, more than 50% of enterprises will run mission-critical, containerized cloud-native applications in production”. Serverless architecture is trending now with its initial cloud-native market uptake amongst companies like Amazon, Netflix, IBM, and Microsoft which allows users to run native applications without provisioning, managing, or monitoring servers or infrastructure....

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Microservices Vs Serverless Architecture: What is the difference & Which architecture to use in 2022?


Microservices and Serverless are two key issues in the world of cloud-native computing. Although microservices and serverless functions are usually in sync, they are distinct technologies that serve different purposes in the current software environment. This article provides an outline of the things microservices and serverless could be, as well...

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Upcoming webinar: Modern work decoded– Overcoming the meeting madness and getting your team to do what it says it’s going to do


Over the last few decades, organizations have seen a significant shift in how they work. Businesses today are more self-directed, less hierarchical, and rely on empowerment of their workforce. They also strive for continuous improvement. It is essential that employees can access the relevant information and communicate proactively to drive innovation...

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