Event Recap: Exploring Creators’ Holy Grail – Achieving Unprecedented User Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud – powered by Embee and Adobe!


Embee recently conducted an event for technology leaders from all over the India to scale up their UX game with incredible design strategies and tools.

The featured speakers and panellists from Adobe and Embee shared their stories about how they have been navigating the new, screen-mediated reality with their team and end-users, while they design with the most powerful design & UX tools powered by Adobe Creative Cloud.

Here are some of the key topics discussed in the event-

  • Power up your UX with just the right tools within Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Explore how small, medium, and large UX, design, and UI teams can achieve an integrated ecosystem of apps to empower each other to work more efficiently and collaborate across teams
  • What’s the latest? Explore the apps – the latest Creative Cloud apps, new features, and new apps
  • Are you leveraging publishing services? Streamline publishing to smartphones, tablets, and websites
  • Smart leadership and UX growth strategies
  • Avail UX templates trusted by seasoned UX professionals
  • Behind-the-scenes | What goes behind the apps with powerful UI & UX?

Our Speaker Priyank Sharma, Director of User Experience, Optum (UnitedHealth Group) spoke about how Good UX isn’t good enough. It needs to be great. Here are the most common principles that designers should incorporate into UX to make design intuitive:

  • Make sure that the design of your software improves with the user’s input. Evoke the user’s experiences and keep iterating on them.
  • Design consistency should be an important aspect of great UX. Everything users interact with—including sites—should appear and feel the same.
  • Using a natural hierarchy is another important aspect of great UX, so the design of everything the user interacts with, including your website, needs to look and feel the same.

Polina Krasikova, Head of Business WW, Softline Group shared how Adobe Creative Cloud and related products can help design incredible content, boost productivity & collaboration and brand consistency.

The in-person event held in Bangalore at Taj, MG Road was a huge success with more than 50 technology leaders joining in from different verticals and sizes. We hope to catch you live next time we gather.

Event Photographs

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