Integrated Service Management can save 25% of IT Staff Time.

Managed services give you access to a complete IT department. You don’t just get day-to-day IT support; you also get an IT manager and a virtual CIO so you can think strategically about how IT fits into your organization. With peace of mind, strategic planning services, and proactive support, you can truly stay focused on your enterprise’s core competency.

Source: IDC

Multivendor Support

Is your IT Infrastructure made up of hardware & Operating System from different OEMS?

In today’s complex world of technology, getting the best of breed means working with different manufacturers for various elements of your technology platform. Managing a complex system (and even AMCs) like this can be a huge challenge. Embee is one of the premium partner across wide range of OEMs backed up with business unit wise certified technical specialist and can help you effectively manage your user devices, servers, connectivity, storage, operating systems and applications. Its what we do for a living.

Multivendor Installation Services 

Embee offers a full suite of services to support your IT environment including installation and commission of hardware and software sourced from mutiple vendors. With access to our expert engineers, you can look forward to the comfort of your IT ecosystem running perfectly.

Multivendor AMC and Facility Management 

Keepiing track of AMCs from a range of vendors can be challenging. Embee is a preferred partner with most large OEMs and can help you manage all your AMCs. By offloading routine, yet complex, tasks to us, you get more time to focus on what really moves the needle.

Our dedicated Value Support Team can help you manage multivendor environments upto Enterprise Segment.

Embee's multivendor installation services can help in supporting your IT environment

Embee can help you stay one step ahead

IT audit service that can help you stay one step ahead

Proactive Planning

Do you know where your IT needs to be in the next 5 years?

Planning ahead is never easy. Knowing where your technology platform needs to be in the years ahead to support your business trajectory is a critical element to success. Embee offers intelligent IT Audit services to a range of clients. We not only take a close look at the health of your current ecosystem, but also give you a roadmap for the future.

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Managed Services

Do you need help with ensuring that your IT infrastructure is running perfectly?

Purchasing IT assets like user devices, servers, switches, and even operating systems is the easy part. Getting it off the ground and making sure that it is continuously optimized is a whole other ball game. Embee offers a range of managed support services from on-premise to 24/7 remote helpdesks to manage your entire IT infrastructure. We handle AMCs, renewals, patches, upgrades, connectivity and even the security of your system.

Embee offers an SLA and TAT based engagement
model for both response and resolution

Manage your entire IT infrastructure

Embee can help you protect data across the spectrum

Embee can help you protect data across the spectrum

Secure Data

Is your critical data being backed up, regularly?

In today’s digital world, loss of data can have catastrophic consequences for businesses. While it is an extremely critical component of staying alive, it is often the most overlooked. Embee works with enterprises across the country to offer a managed service data backup solution to protect data (server and end user level) and applications. We even take care of data on virtualized platforms.


Amit Roy

Systems Manager
Atlas Healthcare Software
A division of Atlas Development Corporation

On behalf of our organization ‘Atlas Healthcare Software India Pvt Ltd.’ I would like to say a big Thank You to Embee for their continuous support. Embee is not only a box seller to us, but a true solution and service partner. And when it comes to Service and Support, you guys are really amazing. With a bunch of experienced service engineers from workstation to enterprise class data center equipment, Embee’s support team is making the life of our IT team easier.

I really appreciate and thank each and every one in the support and service team of Embee. Its almost 10 years of association with Embee and we hope to continue the same for years and years.

Embee is the preferred support & servicing partner for leading Indian corporates.

Solutions from Embee follow a robust practice of “understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform” to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?

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