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Networking Solutions

Our ancient experience confirms at every point

that everything is linked together,

everything is inseparable."

Dalai Lama Spiritual Leader

Networking has transformed the way we communicate in our personal lives, allowing us to connect as never before. Within the enterprise, the power of technologies has the same potential. Enterprise Networking allows organisations to connect the right people to the right information at the right time. Through agile problem solving and decision making, organisations can improve productivity and customer service and attract and retain a winning workforce.

At Embee, we understand that technology has to be supported by a winning strategy and expert integration services. That’s why our Enterprise Network Solution includes comprehensive services that help organisations achieve their collaboration and knowledge sharing goals.

Partnering with industry leaders in Networking such as below, we offer the most suitable solutions and services to our customers.



Solutions and Offerings

  • Design Wired and Wireless Network
  • Supply and Implementation of Switches, Routers, Firewall, Modems and Passive Components
  • Laying of Fiber Optic Cable and UTP cables along with the terminations
  • Configuration of Active Components, such as Switches and Firewall
  • Design and Implementation of Surveillance Systems
  • Network Management and Auditing
  • Network Consultancy
  • Site Certifications
  • Annual Maintenance Contract