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Integrated Audio Visual Solutions

After all, it's the future of business communication

that we're looking toward."

Jim BarksdaleFormer President and CEO of Netscape Communications Corporation

At Embee we strongly believe in what the CEO of Netscape had once said as quoted above.

Due to the paucity of time and rising cost of travel, quick decision making process and competitive environment it is imperative to collaborate and connect with the organisation’s internal and external stakeholders almost instantaneously.  We at Embee infer that due to the same reasons the audio visual solutions are becoming the hub of a communications centre in most organisations today. With available technology, these solutions can transform rooms into ‘communication zones’ that can span the entire width of an organisation.

Embee offers the most suitable technologies for various audio visual products and solutions ranging from board rooms, interactive projectors, auditoriums, home theatres, training rooms amongst others. An Embee Boardroom Solution provides tangible benefits by improving the environment for meetings between employees across the organisation, across client interactions and thereby reduces travel budgets. It also provides meeting participants with the flexibility to participate remotely, in case they are unable to be physically present.

Embee has successfully completed projects for small, medium and large organisations ranging from construction organisations to finance companies, educational institutions to government bodies. Moreover, our high levels of partnership with the world leaders such as below enable Embee to provide the best solution to its clients.


Key Features of Embee’s Board Room Solutions

  • Large screen display with multi-windowing capability allows simultaneous display of PCs, video, documents, Cable TV inputs
  • Ability to conference with the outside world (video and audio) in High Definition (HD)
  • Real time PC, Whiteboard and Document Collaboration with the outside world
  • Recording and streaming audio, video and PC presentations over IP networks
  • User-friendly touch panel control interface allows one touch control of AV equipment, dialling, lighting etc.
  • Present lighting system to suit the various functions of the room
  • Whiteboarding (capture whiteboard contents to your PC for sharing, printing etc) and Annotation (highlighting specific content)
  • Audio System ensures that speech and program audio are equally intelligible in all parts of the room
  • Connectivity receptacles for PC and video connectivity
  • Manage the equipment easily and seamlessly without intensive training
  • Present content from digital documents, Laptops, PCs, video and 3D objects

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