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Core Infrastructure Technology Solutions

The first rule of any technology used in a business

is that automation applied to an efficient operation

will magnify the efficiency"

Bill GatesFounder of Microsoft

At Embee, Core Infrastructure Technology Solutions help you to automate and increase efficiency across the organisation, thereby helping you to enhance productivity.


Server/Storage Consolidation Solutions:

Do you have a large number of single-use servers and storage devices spread across your IT landscape?

If so, they are most likely to be consuming more resources than can be justified by their workloads and unnecessarily complicating the management process. By combining the workloads of these under-utilised resources onto fewer, more powerful server and storage devices, consolidation solutions allow you to remove unnecessary points of management and dramatically reduce the number of physical devices throughout your infrastructure.

Our consolidation experts can help assess your existing environment, prioritise resources and develop a detailed consolidation strategy to meet your objectives.

Our consolidation solutions help you:

  • Simplify your infrastructure – Reduce the number of physical servers that need to be maintained
  • Optimise resource utilisation – Improve capacity utilisation by eliminating under-utilised devices
  • Reduce operating costs – Lower space, energy, maintenance and management expenses
  • Reduce downtime – Resources are consolidated onto high-availability solutions, minimising downtime and improving performance
Drawing upon proven best practices, extensive experience, industry-leading products and customer input, we design an ideal solution for your specific business needs. Coupled with our consulting and migration services, we offer best of breed consolidation solutions from the following partners:
Windows Azure

High-Performance Computing Cluster

Some applications require more computing power than any one server provides, posing difficulties as organisations adapt to new requirements. High-performance computing (HPC) Cluster architects and distributes transactions across disparate server and storage clusters efficiently.

What can HPCC do for your business?

  • HPCC solutions improve business agility by ensuring data analysis-and academic research problems as complex 3-D or modeling applications have the technology resources they need to perform as quickly as possible
  • HPCC architecture can enhance competitive advantage by allowing your organisation to introduce new applications more quickly and capitalise on existing infrastructure investments.
Embee's numerous HPCC projects, using - CPU only, as well as CPU plus GPGPU Clusters span scientific and academic circles.


Data Centre Virtualisation

Virtualisation technology touches all aspects of the datacentre, improving IT utilisation while reducing costs. Market researcher Gartner, Inc., predicts virtualisation will remain the greatest impact challenge for IT organisations through 2015.

Here’s why it matters:

  • Virtualisation servers could dramatically reduce management costs through consolidation and support for faster provisioning
  • Storage virtualisation can improve disk utilisation
  • Virtualising the network may open the door to more applications
  • Desktop virtualisation might offer a way to support mobile workers better while closely controlling information access