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Building Management Solutions

Efficiency is doing better

what is already being done."

Peter F. DruckerManagement Consultant, Educator, and Author

One of the most worrying concerns across organisations today is the safety and security of its buildings, premises and fixed assets.

Building Management Solutions from Embee offers a host of such solutions that will enhance the safety and security of your premise while incorporating alarm/alert systems for any impending disaster. By deploying this solution an organisation is more in control of what may go wrong, if at all and can operate and monitor a host of such solutions across a single console which is easy to manage and control.

The specific solutions that are offered by Embee are:

  • One or Multiple point of surveillance for all Electrical LT Panels, Transformer and Machines.
  • Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm Detection System
  • CCTV System for monitoring the entire area from a single window or from anywhere in the globe
  • PA System or Background Music System for playing a low music at the entire area of the premises which can be integrated with the EPABX system
  • Access Control Systems for attendance and high security
  • Energy Efficiency Control Systems for reducing the electric consumption