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Life at Embee

I joined Embee as a fresher however the work environment, my perseverance and the support of everyone at Embee has helped me become a Branch Manager – Sales and Business Development of the Jamshedpur branch. I would like to say that Embee is one place where employees are given immense opportunity to grow and thank the management for believing in my capability.

Babu Rao, Manager - Sales and Business Development and Branch Sales Head.

Joining Embee was a dream come true for me.
Initially, I was very nervous working with such a big organisation. But once I started interacting with Embeeians I felt comforted. The overall support given by the entire team was uncomprehendable helping me to achieve my targets. I have gathered huge experience and knowledge while working here and achieved immense growth in all aspects. Now I feel my weekdays are more entertaining than the weekends.”

Dipankar Saha, Manager – Sales and Business Development.

Embee’s consistent year-on-year growth has been possible because Embeeians individually have grown. Our CEO’s belief in the potential of each employee is immense. Each one of us is given a fair chance to prove ourselves. And most of us do not fail his belief. Including me, who has attempted a mid-life career reinvention”

Gulu Balani, Vice President-HR and Corporate Services.

I cherish the responsibility given to me by the Management for serving the customers in the best possible manner.
I am also enjoying the good experience of working with my sub-ordinates as well as my seniors who have supported me in every moment of crisis.

Manas Ranjan Sahoo, Manager–Sales and Business Development and Branch Sales Head.

I don’t only work at Embee Software, in fact I live at Embee Software. In the last fourteen years I have grown from a Sales Executive to a National Business Manager to the VP of the organisation. Embee has given me everything I wanted. The career growth in my company is unlimited. We have been treated as partners and not as employees. Our work culture is very professional.

Nilesh Coutinho,Vice President – Sales and Business Development North and West.

“Working for someone who cares as much as the ESPL family does, is a privilege.”
The work culture at ESPL is great – an open approach, a strong bond of unity and friendship, innovative ideas, and team work – which helps us to grow and expand the organisation. Embee believes in its people, performance and passion and has always supported their employees. I joined Embee seven years ago and looking back makes me very proud. And I look forward to being a part of this organisation as we tread new pathways.

Nirmalya Ghosh, Manager – IT Service and Support.

“Support and trust go hand in hand in Embee.”
I joined Embee as a fresher and with the support and trust bestowed by our seniors I have gained immense experience and growth with every passing day. Honesty and respect for each other are the two prime attributes of the Embee work environment where we are never asked or ordered to work but we ourselves are always motivated to perform.

Rajesh Ramrajhe, Manager – Procurement and Logistics.

“I have grown a long way – identical to the growth of a plant from a seedling.”
My journey at ESPL has been “learning with fun”. Embee has given me a strong platform to display my talent in the technical field. My career has traversed a long way and today I lead one of the networking teams, taking all necessary decisions required, which is encouraging. For me ESPL is “home away from home” where everyone works together.

Rajiv Kumar Mishra, Assistant Manager- Networking.

“I am proud to be a part of the Embee family”.
During the 7 years at Embee I have received constant support from my management and sub-ordinates to explore new opportunities. I learnt a great deal about our corporate world and would like to take this opportunity to thank my management for believing in me.

Ranjit Lahiri, Deputy Manager – IT Service and Support.

Initially, I was in the sales team at Embee giving me an excellent podium to display and excel in my capabilities. All my suggestions were reviewed which undoubtedly encouraged me to be more creative and outshine in my field. Presently, with the support and trust of my management and the help of my peers, I have risen to a senior level enabling me to develop my management skills and grow further.

Sharmila Patil, Sr. Manager Inside Sales.

Working at Embee has been the best decision of my life! Our tasks are challenging. However, with a dedicated team I have performed successfully in each undertaking. Moreover, through infinite engagements my knowledge in this field has developed and I have learnt a greater deal about the business world and myself. "Embee is a rock solid company that has a very bright future and I am proud to be a part of it

Sushil Trivedi, AVP - IT Solution and Business Development.

I was associated with the IT industry earlier also, but what I have learnt during my tenure here has helped me grow professionally. The entire credit goes to my reporting head, who through his own example of sheer hard work and focus has inspired me to give my best. Another feature of the workplace which I cherish is the respect shown to each one irrespective of their position in the organisation.

Tumpa Ghosh, Manager - Coordination.

Having spent the last six years at Embee, I have no doubt that joining Embee was the best decision I have ever taken. The family atmosphere here gives me a sense of security and long term relationship. I have grown as Embee has grown. And together we hope to reach every goal we set for ourselves.

Uday Bhanu Bose, Sr. General Manager - Sales and Business Development - Audio Visual Solutions.