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Innovating in a Digital World

A decade ago, smartphones (as we know them by today’s standards) didn’t exist. Three decades earlier, no one even owned a computer. Unbelievable? Digital Disruption is here to stay. Organizations need to adapt to keep up with the pace of change of technology.

Key Features of an HRMS Software for Your Business

A human resource management system is a growing necessity for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. It gives the management a micro and macro overview of their employees, their collective and individual performance, automating all processes and helps them to make better decisions. However, to gain such insight and efficiency...

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Your No. 1 Guide to Create a Competitive Edge for Your Business

What made Apple what it is today? Innovative thinking? Excellent product? Exceptional marketing? Definitely those. But most importantly it was Business Intelligence. They developed products which met precise needs of their users without their customers even knowing what their needs were, what they really wished deep inside. That’s what...

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Things You Must Know Before You Invest in a Disaster Recovery Plan

Embee puts together a list of questions every business must evaluate before deploying their disaster recovery plan. They are: Do you know the vulnerabilities your business faces? Businesses deploy a disaster recovery plan to solely optimize the time during which their organization Datacenter is not available. This usually happens...

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6 Benefits of ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is highly dynamic and competitive in nature which makes it imperative for such businesses to have an integrated solution that can enhance efficiency, diminish costs, increase sales and profitability but most importantly, enable the organization to make accurate, informed and strategic decisions. Listed below are 6...

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5 Business Communication Tools Every Business Must Use

Irrespective of industry and size, business environments across are becoming fiercely competitive and plagued by plummeting profits and knowledgeable customers. What businesses need are ways to enhance their productivity, hasten the Decision-making process and simplify the daily operations. Having robust business communication tool(s) is one such way. While there...

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Is Audio Video Conferencing still relevant in 2017?

Businesses have always been skeptical about audio video conferencing – whether trust and relationships can be built through this medium or can it eventually truly replace ‘the handshake’. But reports suggest that such systems have become more popular in the recent years.  Technavio analysts expect the global audio video...

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Why is it Imperative for Every Business to adopt an ERP Solution?

Running a successful business depends quite heavily on the ability to take informed decisions. However, when you are running a business that’s growing, it is challenging to have a complete view of the organization’s performance. Your customers are increasing, your team is growing, principals and distributors are rising, product...

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Top 4 Questions to Ask While Planning Your Enterprise Mobility Solution

Mobile devices are ubiquitous today. With every individual having access to an average of 2 devices, business houses are adopting the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to allow employees access to business critical data on their personal devices. This is done to boost employee performance and drive...

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Why Disaster Recovery Should be a Top Priority for your Organization

Has your business ever suffered an outage? It’s a nightmare. A power outage at a Verizon data centre on January 14 2016 impacted the operations of JetBlue operations. The airline experienced network issues because of the outage that impacted customer support systems, including jetblue.com (that was down for over...

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SMAC: Are they the real game changers?

The global market place is changing. It is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain and unlike previously, the customers have unmatched access to information. The competition too is on the rise. All these factors combined are forcing organizations to constantly look out for solutions just to help them maintain their...

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5 Ways an HRMS Solution can Benefit Your Organization

HRMS: Human Resource Management System – Improving Productivity, Reducing Costs The HR industry has been on an exciting, but challenging, journey in the past few years. A dynamic work environment, advanced technological ecosystems and a workforce that’s constantly demanding more from an organization and vice versa are just a...

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Key take away from Satya Nadella’s speech – Empower every person and organization on the planet to do more!

Key take away from Satya Nadella’s speech – Empower every person and organization on the planet to do more! Microsoft’s annual World Partner Conference has officially kicked off with its CEO, Satya Nadella addressing the assembled crowd of Microsoft partners and software developers in Toronto on July 11th 2016....

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6 Reasons to Invest in IT Security right now!

Global organizations spend approximately 15% of their IT budget on Security Solutions. And in-spite of such high investment, 9 out of 10 large global businesses have admitted to having suffered some kind of security breach in 2015 alone. Tens of thousands of British Airways frequent flyer accounts were hacked...

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3 ways Collaboration Tools Boost Your Business Performance

As businesses grow beyond boundaries, build dynamic cultures and work intimately across time-zones, the need for integrated collaboration tools become even more critical. And why not? Such tools enable businesses to access, store and share documents quicker and make teamwork more effective. While the benefits of business collaboration are...

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How to Cloud – Public, Private or Hybrid?

Before moving to the Cloud it's important to evaluate the different Cloud models and their offerings in line with your business strategy. Currently, there are 3 primary cloud models, namely Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud. Let's help you understand the nuances of each and help you get...

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6 Tips to Prepare Your Company at the Time of a Data Breach

While there has been a rise in organizations implementing enterprise level security solutions, the global business environment are also witnessing an increasing number of cyber-attacks. We have put together the vital six tips to help your businesses be ready for a quick response, minimise impact and smoothen a recovery.#1...

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Planning to Move to the Cloud, But are You Ready?

It is without doubt that Cloud Computing offers immediate cost savings with its pay-as-you-go model and promises a future of greater agility, speed, and reach. However, it still has its risks. Security remains a concern among many CIOs, as does the fear of data being permanently captured by vendors.And...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Adopting the Cloud

It is without doubt that Cloud computing offers immediate cost savings with its pay-as-you-go model and promises a future of greater agility, speed, and reach. However, it still has its risks. Security remains a concern among many CIOs, as does the fear of data being permanently captured by vendors.Therefore,...

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Why organizations are pro O365?

Businesses across verticals and dimensions are facing difficulty in managing their IT infrastructure. It’s complex, costly and inefficient. Moreover, unlike the preceding years where organizations controlled the market, the market is now manipulated by the customers. The abundance of technology and the increasing market competitiveness have empowered customers to...

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